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DGHA-MCA LOCAL (68690) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 68690
Destination MECHEDA (MCA)

68690 Dgha-mca Local is a Emu (EMU) which is running between Digha (DGHA) and Mecheda (MCA). Dgha-mca Local covers total journey of 130 kilometers. At 11:15 it departs from Digha and at 14:10 it arrives at Mecheda. 68690 Dgha-mca Local has total 22 stopping station like SUJALPUR (SJPA), DESHAPRAN P.H. (DSPN), RAJGODA (RGA) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 68690 Running status

Last one week running status of the DGHA-MCA LOCAL
26th September RT
25th September RT
31st May RT
4th February RT
6th June RT
3rd June RT
12th May RT
20th April RT
Current Location of the Train (26th September)DIGHA ( DGHA )
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Train Avg. speed 45 km/hr
Journey Distance 130Km.
Train Travel Time 2 Hr 55 Min.
Type of Train EMU (EMU)
Train Running schedule Daily (All Days)

DGHA-MCA LOCAL - 68690 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations DIGHA Arrival starts Departure 11:15 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations TIKRA Arrival 11:21 Departure 11:22 Halt 1 m Distance 6 km Day 1
Stations RAMNAGAR BENGAL Arrival 11:25 Departure 11:26 Halt 1 m Distance 8 km Day 1
Stations BADALPUR PH Arrival 11:35 Departure 11:36 Halt 1 m Distance 16 km Day 1
Stations APURVA PH Arrival 11:40 Departure 11:41 Halt 1 m Distance 18 km Day 1
Stations SUJALPUR Arrival 11:46 Departure 11:47 Halt 1 m Distance 23 km Day 1
Stations SITALPUR BENGAL Arrival 11:49 Departure 11:50 Halt 1 m Distance 26 km Day 1
Stations KANTHI P H Arrival 11:58 Departure 11:59 Halt 1 m Distance 32 km Day 1
Stations NACHINDA P H Arrival 12:08 Departure 12:09 Halt 1 m Distance 43 km Day 1
Stations HENRYA P H Arrival 12:20 Departure 12:21 Halt 1 m Distance 54 km Day 1
Stations DESHAPRAN P.H. Arrival 12:28 Departure 12:29 Halt 1 m Distance 62 km Day 1
Stations LAVAN SATYAGRHA PH Arrival 12:41 Departure 12:42 Halt 1 m Distance 73 km Day 1
Stations NANDAKUMAR P H Arrival 12:52 Departure 12:53 Halt 1 m Distance 84 km Day 1
Stations TAMLUK Arrival 13:05 Departure 13:06 Halt 1 m Distance 94 km Day 1
Stations SAHEED MATANGINI Arrival 13:10 Departure 13:11 Halt 1 m Distance 97 km Day 1
Stations RAJGODA Arrival 13:15 Departure 13:16 Halt 1 m Distance 102 km Day 1
Stations RAGHUNATHBARI Arrival 13:23 Departure 13:24 Halt 1 m Distance 110 km Day 1
Stations PANSKURA Arrival 13:40 Departure 13:50 Halt 10 m Distance 118 km Day 1
Stations NARAYAN PAKURIA MURA Arrival 13:55 Departure 13:56 Halt 1 m Distance 122 km Day 1
Stations BHOGPUR Arrival 13:59 Departure 14:00 Halt 1 m Distance 125 km Day 1
Stations NANDAHGANJA Arrival 14:03 Departure 14:04 Halt 1 m Distance 128 km Day 1
Stations MECHEDA Arrival 14:10 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 130 km Day 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What time DGHA-MCA LOCAL depart from DIGHA Railway Station?

DGHA-MCA LOCAL (68690) departs from DIGHA Railway Station at 11:15.

How much time DGHA-MCA LOCAL take to reach MECHEDA Railway Station?

DGHA-MCA LOCAL reach on day 1 to MECHEDA Railway Station. The arrival time of DGHA-MCA LOCAL at MECHEDA Railway Station is 14:10.

Distance covered by DGHA-MCA LOCAL?

DGHA-MCA LOCAL covers 130 km to reach MECHEDA Railway Station at average speed of 45 km/hr. DGHA-MCA LOCAL passes through 22 stations.

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