Vikram Chauhan Led Lawyer Attacks - And Says He's Started A Movement

Vikram Chauhan Led Lawyer Attacks - And Says He's Started A Movement

Vikram Chauhan was seen at the scene of violence once again yesterday after assaulting journalists on Monday.

New Delhi: Vikram Singh Chauhan, the lawyer who played a key role in two rounds of mob violence at a Delhi court this week, did not report to the police for questioning today, as ordered.

If that was because of a busy schedule, Mr Chauhan was available to be garlanded as a hero by other lawyers today. He also made time to talk to NDTV.

"Lawyers are also Indian citizens, how can anyone allow anti-India slogans or pro-Pakistan slogans being raised in India?" Mr Chauhan said, claiming the advent of "a movement (that) has found resonance amongst lawyers across the country".

On Monday, Mr Chauhan led the charge as a group of lawyers awash in jingoism pounced on reporters and supporters of Kanhaiya Kumar, the student leader arrested on charges of sedition.

A lawyer, center, who spoke to the media supporting student leader Kanhaiya Kumar, is beaten up by other lawyers. (AP photo)

Yesterday, Mr Chauhan was at the heart of another round of mob violence. On both days, the lawyers were given a free run by the police, which watched as those deemed "anti-national" were thrashed. Mr Kumar was kicked and beaten on his way into court yesterday.

Photos and video footage pin Mr Chauhan and others down. But the Delhi Police has registered cases against unknown persons, fuelling those who allege that Mr Chauhan and his mob dared to strike twice because they knew they would not be stopped.

"We had only objected to anti-India slogans being raised," he told NDTV today, denying that he was a participant in yesterday's rioting which included pieces of a flower pot and stones being thrown at senior lawyers rushed over by the Supreme Court to take stock of the chaos at the lower court. "We didn't heckle them, I don't know who did," he said and added that "there were some people dressed as lawyers against who we have complained."