This Article is From Feb 17, 2023

UP Police's Creative Take On Valentine's Week Talks About Women And Road Safety

"Found someone Snicking without consent? Make use of the 'Perks' of protection. #Dial1090," UP Police tweet on Chocolate Day, February 9

UP Police's Creative Take On Valentine's Week Talks About Women And Road Safety

UP Police talks about "a prop(osal) of safety" on Proposal Day


Taking the help of creativity, pun and wordplay, Uttar Pradesh Police ran a special campaign on social media during the Valentine's week to raise awareness and sensitise people towards women and road safety.

Laced with creativity and humour, the creatives posted on UP Police's Twitter handle during the Valentine's week (from February 7-14) have created quite a buzz and garnered thousands of views with hundreds of likes and comments.

The posts emphasise the importance of respecting one's partner's personal space, seeking consent before physical intimacy and practising safe behaviour on road among other messages in public interest.

"We have used our social media platforms for messaging with a purpose. The campaign by UP Police during the Valentine's week was aimed at sensitising people about women and road safety. Through such campaigns we have not only created a buzz about important issues but also reached out to youngsters who are the prime users of social media," Additional Director General, Law and Order, Prashant Kumar told PTI.

On the first day of Valentine's week, also known as Rose Day (February 7), the creative read, "Roses are red, violets are blue, don't avoid the red flags, it's our point of view," which reminded everyone to not ignore the red flags in a relationship.

It was aimed at drawing attention to the importance of acknowledging and addressing the challenges that women encounter in relationships and encouraging them to take action against those issues.

With the increasing number of incidents involving couples flouting safety norms, the police suggested that it is better to be safe than sorry with another tweet on Proposal Day (February 8) that read, "If you're planning to head out with your significant other, start with a prop(osal) of safety. #AlwaysWearAHelmet."

Aimed at promoting the use of the Women's Powerline #Dial1090, UP Police used a wordplay and incorporated the names of famous chocolate brands like Snickers and Perk on Chocolate Day (February 9)."Found someone Snicking without consent? Make use of the 'Perks' of protection. #Dial1090," the tweet read.

A tweet on Teddy Day (February 10) read, "Don't bear the burden of stalking. If you face a creepy stare, don't hesitate in giving #Dial1090 a dare."

The message on Hug Day (February 11) urged people to avoid tripling on two-wheelers."Embrace Safety, don't put your arms around danger. No more than two persons on a two wheeler" #HugsThatDoesntHurt, it said.

"Do you cross your fingers while promising to return home safely to your loved ones? We hope the answer is No," another tweet said.

The image with this message featured a broken helmet and crossed fingers, symbolising a broken promise on Promise day (February 12).

The powerful imagery has resonated with many social media users, prompting them to take the pledge to wear a helmet and keep their promise of safety, Additional SP and In-charge Social Media, Rahul Srivastava said.

On Kiss Day (February 13), police urged road users to maintain distance while driving and also reminding everyone about the importance of respecting personal boundaries and consent in all relationships.

The tweet read, "Don't get too close that even Kiss(mat)/destiny gives up on you. Stay safe, and show love in a responsible and respectful way."

On the last day of the Valentine's week, UP Police tweeted, "Why the hurry? Whether on the road or in real life, proceeding without consent will only lead to us," reminding citizens to wait for the green light before proceeding on the road as well as making a move in the relationship.

UP Police's initiative to promote an important message like road safety and consent has been widely appreciated by social media users.

"The social media campaign was a true work of art, interweaving crucial themes such as 'consent', 'red flags in relationships', and 'unwanted advances', into a unique and captivating thematic structure that educated and engaged the public," said ASP Srivastava.

UP Police's Valentine's week campaign used hashtags like #KissMatKharabNaKarein, #NoMeansNo, #PyarMeKabhiKabhiDhokhaHoJataHai.

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