This Article is From May 14, 2019

Twitter Thinks There's Proof That PM Modi's Latest Interview Was Scripted

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared to refer to a cheat sheet containing questions and answers during a television interview

Twitter Thinks There's Proof That PM Modi's Latest Interview Was Scripted

PM Narendra Modi seemed to refer to a sheet with questions and answers during a television interview

New Delhi:

Eagle-eyed Twitter users have uncovered yet another blooper in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's television interview that aired on Saturday amid the ongoing national elections.

The Prime Minister, who had earlier been called out for his comment that he had urged the Balakot airstrike not be put off because of bad weather as "clouds can help Indian fighter planes escape the radar" and then suggesting that he used a digital camera and e-mail in the 1980s, was caught in a camera close-up that appeared to show him referring to a scripted question-and-answer sheet.

A viral Twitter post by journalist Pratik Sinha, founder of fact-checking website AltNews, laid out the sequence of events.

At the end of the interview with television channel News Nation, the Prime Minister is asked about his poetry and if he has managed to write a poem in the middle of a busy election season. In response, he asks for his personal files and extracts a sheaf of papers in order to read out some poems.

As he looks through them, the camera zooms in to show what appears to be a scripted question-and-answer set that matches, nearly word for word, the question asked by one of the two journalists conducting the interview.

Twitter users were quick to react.

The Congress was also quick to react, particularly since party chief Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to give an interview with the same network - News Nation - later today.

This isn't the first time PM Modi, who has never held a press conference in his five-year tenure, has faced allegations of participating in scripted interviews.

In April, the Congress called out the BJP after the ruling party denied media reports of PM Modi holding a press conference in Varanasi ahead of his filing nomination papers for Lok Sabha election.

The party took to Twitter that time too, with a popular one-liner "Tum se na ho payega (you will not be able to do it)".