"I'll Be Upset If...": PM Pauses Speech, Urges People Not To Climb Towers

Two weeks back, Prime Minister Modi had paused his speech at a Hyderabad poll rally to ask a woman to get down from a tower-like structure.

PM Modi yesterday addressed a rally at Nirmal in Telangana. ANI

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paused his speech at a poll rally in Telangana yesterday to ask people to climb down from towers, expressing concern that they may fall off. A video of the Prime Minister's request at a rally in Telangana's Nirmal has emerged on social media, weeks after he paused his speech at a Hyderabad poll rally to ask a woman to get down from a tower-like structure.

"Those who have climbed (the tower), I request them to come down. It's very crowded. I understand that (many of) you cannot see me, but I will be very upset if someone falls off. Please come down," the Prime Minister said in Hindi as an interpreter on stage translated it to Telugu.

"I cherish your love, but please come down. Someone will get hurt. It is so crowded that you cannot see me. I apologise for this, but I will ensure my heart's voice reaches you," the Prime Minister said.

He also referred to a little girl in the crowd who was waving the Tricolour. "She has come as Bharat Mata today. Bravo," he said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had interrupted his address at a Hyderabad on November 11 to ask a young woman from climbing down a makeshift tower on which lights were installed.

When she was trying to convey something to the Prime Minister, he said in Hindi, "Beta, I will listen to you. Please come down and sit. It may short-circuit. This is not correct. I came for you people. There is no use doing such things."

The Prime Minister is campaigning extensively ahead of the Telangana Assembly polls on November 30. Incumbent Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is pushing hard to return to power as the Congress and the BJP go all-out to challenge the K Chandrashekar Rao-led party.

Targeting the KCR-led government, Prime Minister Modi Sunday said it is an enemy of the poor.

"We have a government in Telangana that stays in a farmhouse and does not give houses to the poor. KCR is an enemy of the poor and has held their houses. But I promise that as soon as the BJP government is formed in Telangana, these houses will be given to the poor immediately. This is Modi's guarantee," he said at the rally in Nirmal.