This Article is From Oct 02, 2015

In Her UN Speech, Sushma Swaraj Hits Out at Pakistan

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj addressing the UN General Assembly

In response to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's UN speech, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said Pakistan must "Give up terrorism" before peace talks can take place.

Here are the highlights of her speech at UN General Assembly:
  • The minister address the assembly in Hindi
  • This year United Nations is completing 70 years and I expect the decisions taken this year will also be historic
  •  Grateful to the UN for declaring Mahatma Gandhi b'day as the international day of peace
  • The 70th year is the year when the institution must see if we have been able to fulfill the responsibilities for which it was set up
  • To get rid poverty, promote democracy and peace, UN has succeeded, but can we ignore what's going on in nations across the world. The collective answer is No
  • UN seems to be a passive organisation when it comes to quelling conflict in some corners of the world, lacking effect; we are either inept or incompetent
  • India has contributed to UN a lot. India thinks utmost of UN's mission and peacekeeping
  • 8,000 army men, policemen taking part across 10 countries in We are committed to this, under oath
  • But its sad that nations who provide peacekeepers are not decision makers
  • On this day, I want commemorate all those who laid down their lives in peacekeeping operations across the world
  • India has been proving it's mettle, contributing forces in peacekeeping ops for over 25 years
  • India has been facing terrorism for 25 yrs. New York has faced terrorism as well
  • The future of the international community is now dependent on how we respond to the greatest threat that we face today: Terrorism
  • The nations who harbour terrorists, train them and/or help them in carrying out ops, The UN must stand against these nations
  • In 2008 Mumbai blasts not only citizens but tourists were also killed. The perpetrators of this heinous act are roaming free
  • We have nabbed 2 terrorists alive and we know who's responsible for this.
  • Talks and terrorism cannot go hand in hand
  • Nawaz Sharif's four points not needed. Just one point stop terrorism and begin talks
  • Talks were held between our Prime Minister and you in Ufa
  • NSAs were also scheduled to talk, we want the talks to happen
    India is ready for talks
  • Their successful implementation will require political resolve and an inclination to share finances & technology
  • As a woman & elected MP, it is my conviction that there is a shortcut to social change - empower the girl child
  • When we meet in Paris, the world will expect us to deliver an ambitious and credible agreement
  • Developing countries can do way more if they have provision of tech, finance, & capacity building support from developed nations
  • In India, our motto is "sabka saath, sabka vikas", the welfare of all our people.
  • For an organization like the United Nations, 70 years has a unique significance. It is an occasion for revitalization and for renewal
  • In the Eastern tradition, the Banyan is a tree that signifies wisdom, yet is non-judgmental and all-encompassing
  • Unlike humans who may have planted its seed, banyan is still young at 70. But without constant regeneration & expansion, it withers