This Article is From Sep 07, 2009

Sulabh wants to help the 'miracle baby'

New Delhi:

A miracle baby, born with her heart outside her chest, survived a major operation this past week. The young survivor has now got help from other quarters as well.

Sulabh International has promised that it will fund the child's education expenses. It has also promised a job to the baby's father Chander Majhi, a daily labourer from Bihar.

"We will bear the expenses of the child's education and felicitate the doctors," said Bindeshwari Pathak of Sulabh International.

The baby was born with its heart protruding from the chest. Doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences created a cavity in the chest to fit in the heart, a surgery that took over three hours.

The baby's family now hopes everything works out fine.

"We are getting the support of all, it is really nice. Now the only wish is that the child is hale and hearty," said Chander Majhi.

Now, some TV channels plan to make a film on the miracle baby.