"Some Saying Today's Hat-Trick Guarantee Of 2024 Hat-Trick": PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed BJP workers and leaders after the party won the assembly elections in three states

'Some Saying Today's Hat-Trick Guarantee Of 2024 Hat-Trick': PM

PM Narendra Modi greets BJP leaders and supporters in Delhi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to BJP workers and leaders after the party won elections in three states said the victories are being seen as a "hat trick guarantee of the 2024 hat trick", a comment aimed at the Opposition.

Here are the top 5 quotes of PM Narendra Modi

  1. Some people are saying this hat trick has guaranteed the 2024 victory. Today's mandate proves people have zero-tolerance towards corruption, appeasement and dynastic politics.

  2. Today, people believe that only BJP can end these three bad things. The campaign against corruption is getting good support. Those parties and leaders who have no shame in standing with corrupt people are getting a clear warning from voters.

  3. This is a big lesson for the Congress and their alliance. Just by some families coming together, the photo can be good, but it can't win the trust of the country's people.

  4. To earn citizens' hearts, one must be ready to serve the country. But the ghamandiya (full of pride) alliance doesn't have it.

  5. The insults they hurl can get them media headlines, but not a place in people's hearts. Today's result is a warning for those powers that are against the politics of progress. Whenever there's development, the Congress and their allies object.

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