PM Modi's Speech At UN General Assembly: Highlights

PM Modi at UNGA: PM Modi on Tuesday met US President Donald Trump at a bilateral meeting, where the two leaders discussed trade standoff.

PM Modi's Speech At UN General Assembly: Highlights

PM Modi at UNGA: PM Modi met Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday (File)

New York:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday gave the world a message of "peace and harmony" at the United Nations General Assembly, saying terrorism is the biggest challenge before humanity and the world needs to be united against it. "Terrorism hurts the principles on which United Nations was built," he said. PM Modi also spoke on climate change, saying India is at the forefront of the fight against global warming. He also said that India's welfare schemes were giving the developing world a new direction.

Highlights of PM Modi's speech at UN General Assembly:

  • It's a privilege to address the UN General Assembly on behalf of 130 crore Indians.
  • It is special because the world is celebrating 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary.
  • The world's biggest elections were held in the world's biggest democracy. I was elected with the highest number of votes in the world.
  • When a developing nation successfully runs the world's biggest sanitation programme, builds 11 crore toilets in just five years, it sends an inspirational message to the world.
  • When a developing nation runs the world's health insurance scheme, covers 50 crore people, then it shows the world a new direction.
  • When a developing nation successfully runs the world's largest financial inclusion programme then it creates hope for all the world's poor.
  • When a developing nation runs the world's largest digital identity programmme, ensures them their rights, saves nearly $20 billion, it presents a new hope to the world.
  • Before coming here, I read on the walls of the United Nations building: 'No more single use plastic'. I am delighted to tell you that we in India are running a huge campaign to stop single use plastic.
  • We are running a huge water conservation campaign.
  • In 2022, when India celebrates 75 years of independence, we will build 2 crore homes for the poor.
  • We are working not just for the welfare of our people, we are working for the welfare of the world. That's why our motto is Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas.
  • We are working not to show off but out of a sense of responsibility.
  • The efforts may be ours but the results will be for the entire world.
  • Learning about other developing nations only strengthens my resolve to work more for my country's progress.
  • The issues India is raising, the new institutions India is forming for the world, they are a response to the crises in front of the world today.
  • If you look at per-capita emission, India's contribution to global warming has been very low but India is at the forefront of the response. India is working on a target of 450 GW renewable energy, we have also formed the International Solar Alliance.
  • Global warming has also increased the frequency and ferocity of natural disasters. That's why we have formed the CDRI. I invite the world to join this coalition.
  • India has sacrificed the most for UN's peacekeeping missions
  • Terrorism is one of the world's biggest challenges in front of humanity. Terrorism hurts the principles on which UN was built. That's why the world needs to unite, have a consensus to combat terrorism. A divided world is in no one's interest.
  • We have given the world Buddha, not Yudhh (war). That's why we have anger and a commitment against terrorism.
  • We must give a thrust to multilateralism and reforming the UN.
  • Swami Vivekananada had given a message of Harmony and Peace to the Parliament of Religions and not dissension. The world's biggest democracy still has the same message for the world: Harmony and Peace.
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