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"2004-2014 Was Decade Of Scams": Top 10 PM Modi Quotes In Parliament

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in parliament today amid attacks by opposition parties over a range of issues.

'2004-2014 Was Decade Of Scams': Top 10 PM Modi Quotes In Parliament

PM Narendra Modi spoke in the Lok Sabha today amid opposition attacks

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke in parliament today amid attacks by opposition parties over a range of issues. He replied to the motion of thanks on the President's address. He also took a swipe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's speech.

Here are 10 top quotes from PM Narendra Modi's speech

  1. Yesterday, I saw that after speeches by some people, the entire ecosystem got jubilant. Some people were very happy, saying "yeh hui na baat (this is how it should be)".

  2. In the last nine years, instead of constructive criticism, compulsive critics have taken over. The Congress said India's destruction will be a case study at Harvard. However, in the past few years, Harvard did an important study. The topic was called The Rise and Decline of India's Congress Party.

  3. The hate they have inside came out in the open in their speeches.

  4. Everyone gave their points and put forward arguments here. They spoke according to their interest, nature and world view. In trying to understand them, it also comes to mind who is how much capable, who has what ability and who has what intention. The country is also evaluating them.

  5. The country is extremely confident with the way it has moved forward amid a divided world and an unstable global environment. The zeal of 140 crore Indians is stronger than any challenge. Yet, some people are upset about all this. They should introspect.

  6. Reforms are happening not out of compulsion. They are happening because of conviction.

  7. This time, along with thanks, I also want to congratulate the President. Her presence as the head of the republic is not only historic, but it is also an opportunity of great inspiration for crores of daughters of the country.

  8. India's digital infrastructure has made some rapid strides. The world has taken notice of "Digital India". There was a time when our country used to struggle even for the most basic technologies.

  9. Between 2004 and 2014, the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) turned every opportunity into a problem. When the world was making advancements in technology, they were stuck in the 2G scam.

  10. In the 2010 Commonwealth Games, an opportunity presented itself to show India's progress to the world, but even that turned into a huge scam.

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