This Article is From Jan 18, 2022

PM Modi "Incarnation Of God" Like Ram, Krishna: Madhya Pradesh Minister

Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that when Congress' atrocities increased, corruption and casteism rose, then PM Modi was born to end it.

PM Modi 'Incarnation Of God' Like Ram, Krishna: Madhya Pradesh Minister

Kamal Patel said India is becoming a "Vishwa Guru" under the leadership of PM Modi. (File)


Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Minister and BJP leader Kamal Patel termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi an "incarnation of God", saying he was born to end the atmosphere of despair, like Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, created due to the rise in "atrocities" committed by Congress, corruption, and the destruction of the country's culture.

Speaking to reporters in Harda on Monday, Mr Patel said that the tasks accomplished by PM Modi like leading India on the path of becoming "Vishwa Guru", ridding the country of corruption, and ensuring the public welfare wouldn't have been accomplished by an ordinary person.

“Whenever any crisis descended upon India and tyranny increased, then it is said in our religion and culture that God takes avatar in a human form,” Mr Patel said.

He said Lord Ram had taken avatar in a human form and established 'Ramrajya' by killing demon Ravan and defeating other evil powers, and protecting the people. When Kansa's atrocities increased, Lord Krishna took birth and ended his cruelties thus giving relief to the common people, the minister said.

“Similarly, when atrocities of Congress increased...corruption, casteism rose, the culture of the country was destroyed and an atmosphere of despair was prevailing all around, then Narendra Modi was born to end it,” Mr Patel said.

He said India is becoming a "Vishwa Guru" under the leadership of PM Modi who has given a corruption-free government and also ensures the welfare of the common people.

"These are impossible tasks which a common person is not able to accomplish. It could have happened in 60 years, if possible. So, PM Narendra Modi ji is an 'Avatari Purush' (incarnate) and did impossible works. He is the incarnation of God," Mr Patel said.

Interestingly, Mr Patel had last November suggested that Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is incarnate of tribal icon Tantya Bhil, known in the tribal narrative as Indian "Robbin Hood".

"Tantya Mama used to facilitate marriages of girls. Our 'mama' (as Chief Minister Chouhan is fondly called) also does the same. Tantya Mama used to loot the rich and distribute the wealth among the poor. Our Chief Minister does not loot, but collects taxes from the rich and spends it for the poor. In a way, we can say that Tantya Mama took rebirth as our Chief Minister Shivraj," he had said.

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