This Article is From Aug 18, 2015

2 Pak Terrorists Who Entered India With Naveed Missing, Major Security Worry

2 Pak Terrorists Who Entered India With Naveed Missing, Major Security Worry

Sketches of the 2 terrorists who alleged entered India along with Udhampur terrorist Naveed

New Delhi: As Pakistani terrorist Mohammad Naveed Yakub was subjected to a polygraph or lie detector test at a facility in south Delhi today, the National Investigation Agency  (NIA) released the sketches of two terror suspects who allegedly entered India along with him.

The NIA names the terrorists as Abu Okasha, 17-18 years and a resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, and Zargham or Mohammad Bhai, 38-40 years old and from the same area.

Sources say they have not been sighted so far and could strike anytime, which is a major cause of concern for security forces.

Sources say they are among the three terrorists who infiltrated into Jammu and Kashmir along with Naveed on June 2, but were assigned different targets. The third, Noman, was killed when he and Naveed attacked a paramilitary convoy on August 5 in Jammu and Kashmir's Udhampur, killing two security personnel.

Naveed, who is in his early twenties, was captured by villagers after that attack. After days of interrogation by various agencies, he was subjected to a lie detector test and psychoanalysis test; the NIA told a court yesterday that he had been "evasive and contradictory."

After he was caught, Naveed told his interrogators that he was from Faisalabad in Pakistan and was trained by the terror outfit Lashkar e Taiba. He also said he entered India from the Line of Control and stayed in the Kashmir Valley for over a month before the attack.

Souces say Naveed has told the National Investigation Agency that he was a compulsive gambler and had been thrown out of his home.

He allegedly also said he was asked to carry out strikes in India and was promised payment when he returned. He reportedly claimed that he was given a white tablet to take before the attack in Udhampur.

Naveed was in court when the anti-terror agency was granted permission to put him through a lie detector test and collect his DNA and voice samples.

Ahead of talks between the National Security Advisers of India and Pakistan on Sunday, the Home Ministry is preparing a detailed dossier with evidence that Naveed and the three terrorists who carried out the terror attack in Punjab's Gurdaspur had come from Pakistan, reports say.