On Video Of Gujarat Public Flogging By Cops, What Officials Told NDTV

District Collector KL Bachani said a local court had taken note of the case of public flogging.

A group of Muslim men accused of throwing stones at a Navratri event were tied to a pole and flogged.

New Delhi:

More than 24 hours after videos from Gujarat purportedly showed the police publicly caning Muslim men accused of disrupting a garba event and throwing stones, authorities say they are yet to verify the facts.

NDTV spoke to District Collector KL Bachani and Deputy Superintendent of Police VR Bajpai from Gujarat's Kheda district, and both officials were unable to confirm the incident that has sparked a backlash over mob justice.

"I have asked for a personal meeting with the SP (Superintendent of Police). He is busy... he is supposed to come tomorrow. I have not checked [the vide]. That's why I have called a meeting. I have to talk to the IG (Inspector General) concerned because he has visited the spot. He must be aware of the issue," Mr Bachani said.

Later he added, "The matter is sub-judice. The local court has taken cognisance of the incident. Let court take a stance."

Senior police officer VR Bajpai said, "On 3rd night, there was Garba event organised by the sarpanch. When garba stared, people from the nearby Muslim community gathered and stopped women from playing Garba. Soon, stone pelting started. Women and men were injured. Muslims started the stone pelting. FIR has been lodged. Thirteen people have been arrested. They have also confessed to the crime."

Asked about the incident of public flogging, he said, "We are yet to confirm the veracity of the video. We are still investigating the matter. The situation is tense on the ground, so priority is to keep the law and order in place."

A group of Muslim men arrested for allegedly throwing stones at a Navratri Garba event were tied to a pole and flogged with canes by police personnel in Gujarat's Kheda district, showed videos that viral on Twitter on Tuesday. A crowd of locals was seen cheering as officers watched plainclothes cops hit the men.

The men were asked to "apologise to the public", and the police inspector in charge of the area was present too, reports said. NDTV could not independently verify the video.