No Business, Land Purchase Without Approval: Mizoram To Myanmar Refugees

Aizawl district administration said Myanmar refugees should not purchase property or indulge in any business without approval from state government

No Business, Land Purchase Without Approval: Mizoram To Myanmar Refugees

Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga's administration is issuing ID cards to Myanmar refugees


Mizoram government has instructed all refugees from Myanmar currently sheltered in the state, not to purchase land or run businesses without prior permission from the state government. This follows reports that the refugees were opening up shops and also trying to purchase land in the border areas, official sources at state capital Aizawl said.

Mizoram government has started issuing identity cards to the refugees and they have been barred from enrolling themselves for Aadhar card, officials added.

According to official records, more than 30,000 refugees from Myanmar have taken shelter at over 150 camps in Mizoram.

An order issued by the Aizawl district administration recently said that refugees from Myanmar should not purchase property and start any business activity without prior approval from the state government. They are also required to inform the local or village-level committees on Myanmar refugees about vehicles brought into the state from their country.

The Mizoram government has also instructed all local and village-level committees to ensure that the orders are strictly implemented and any violation must be reported to the chairman of the district task group on Myanmar refugees.

Mizoram shares a 510km-long border with Myanmar. Majority of the refugees are lodged at makeshift camps set up by the state government and village authorities. Some have taken up rented accommodations, while others live with their local relatives.