"Human Touch To GDP": Amit Shah Sums Up BJP's Economy Focus, Future Goals

Amit Shah is on the last leg of his extensive election campaign ahead of the seventh and final phase of election

PM Modi has laid a clear path for the government's economic policy, Amit Shah told NDTV

India will become the world's third-largest economy in the next 10 years of Narendra Modi government, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has told NDTV while outlining the focus areas for the BJP-led dispensation.

Speaking to NDTV's editor-in-chief Sanjay Pugalia on what would be the BJP government's economic priorities if it returns to power, Mr Shah said, "I think that between 2014 and 2024, Narendra Modi ji has laid a clear path for the government's economic policy. Whether it is inflation or budgetary loss or infrastructure costs, we have put all these things on the right path. PSU balance sheets, share market's situation and acceptability... earlier, there were 2.20 crore demat accounts, now there are 15 crores. Our base has widened."

The government, he said, had made several policies to transform India into a manufacturing hub. There has been a push to make India a pioneer in emerging sectors such as green hydrogen, electrical vehicles, and ethanol production. "These sectors will drive the global economy for the next 25 years, and India has taken the lead as a pioneer. We will reap its benefits for 25 years. And in the sectors in which we fell behind in the past 25 years, such as semiconductor (manufacturing), defence production, space technology, start-ups, we are closing the gap."

The Home Minister said the BJP government has given a "human touch to GDP". "When 14 crore toilets are built, GDP goes up and 14 crore families live with dignity. When 10 crore households get cooking gas connection, 50 crore people live a smoke-free and healthy life. When the Nal Se Jal programme ensures fluoride-free water to 14 crore families, GDP goes up, but his health improves too," he said.

It is the Narendra Modi government that has given 5 kg ration to every household in its fight against malnutrition, the Home Minister said. "Every household has received power supply, we have built 4 crore homes, we are going to build 3 crore more. So, besides making India a manufacturing hub, we have taken India's market from Rs 60-70 crore to Rs 130 crore. Earlier, the purchasing power of the people had not developed. But by fulfilling their primary needs, the Narendra Modi government has helped their purchasing power evolve."

Stressing that India's economy is on the right path, Mr Shah said, "We will need to step up the speed and facilitate PLI (Production-Linked Incentives), flexible approach, free trade agreement, trade in rupees, free atmosphere for share markets. I am very optimistic that in Narendra Modi's third term, India will become the third-largest economy of the world," he said.

India went from the 11th largest economy to No. 5 in the past 10 years after "10 years of stagnancy" during the UPA era, Mr Shah said. "Atal ji left it at No. 11. Manmohan Singh kept it at 11. Modi ji took it from No. 11 to No. 5. I believe that in the third term, we will go to No. 3," Mr Shah said.

Mr Shah is on the last leg of his extensive election campaign, as the Lok Sabha polls near the seventh and final phase, scheduled for Saturday. A total of 57 seats are going to polls in the last phase. Results will be out next Tuesday - June 4.