Close Call In Mumbai, IndiGo Touchdown-Air India Take-Off On Same Runway

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has launched a probe and derostered the Air Traffic Control official on duty.

A video shows the IndiGo jet landing on the runway as an Air India plane takes off


Hundreds of passengers had an extremely close call at Mumbai airport yesterday after an IndiGo aircraft touched down on the same runway from which an Air India jet was taking off. In a swift response, aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation has launched a probe and derostered an Air Traffic Control official.

In a video that has emerged on social media, both the planes are seen on the same runway. Moments after the Air India jet takes off, the IndiGo plane is seen landing. While the IndiGo plane was flying from Indore to Mumbai, the Air India aircraft took off for Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram.

Data on tracking site Flightradar showed that at one point, the two planes were just 509 metres away from each other.

IndiGo has said in a statement that the pilot of the Indore-Mumbai flight followed the ATC's instructions. "On Jun 8, 2024 IndiGo flight 6E 6053 from Indore was given landing clearance by ATC at Mumbai Airport. The Pilot in Command continued the approach and landing and followed ATC instructions. At IndiGo, passenger safety is paramount to us, and we have reported the incident as per procedure," it has said.

Air India, too, said ATC cleared its plane for take-off. "AI657 from Mumbai to Trivandrum was on take-off roll on June 8. The Air India aircraft was cleared by Air Traffic Control to enter the runway and subsequently cleared for take-off. The Air India aircraft continued with the take-off movement in accordance with laid down procedures. An investigation has been initiated by the authorities to find out more on the clearance given to the airlines," it has said in a statement.