This Article is From Apr 05, 2019

"Courage Comes From Experience," Rahul Gandhi Tells Pune Students- Highlights

'Courage Comes From Experience,' Rahul Gandhi Tells Pune Students- Highlights

Rahul Gandhi interacts with students in Pune.


Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi, during his interaction with students in Pune, today talked about his growth as a political leader and said "my courage comes from experience".

He also spoke to the students on various issues including demonetisation, job loss, in an interaction moderated by RJ Malishka. With elections just a week away, he said in an assuring tone: "I don't make empty promises." 

Here are the highlights of Rahul Gandhi's interaction with students in Pune:

  • "I am here, and I am what I am today, because of courage. My courage comes from experience and because I accept and face the truth. If you accept and face the truth, you get courage, and if you believe and live in lies, you get fear.": Rahul Gandhi summing up his political journey
  • "Demonetisation was a disastrous idea. You can ask any economist. It had a terrible effect. Two per cent of GDP was lost. Millions of jobs were lost. Frankly, nothing can be done about demonetisation now as the damage has been done.": Rahul Gandhi on notes ban 
  • "As far a job creation is concerned, we are working on a lot of ideas which will improve the job scenario in the country," assures Congress chief ahead of national elections
  • "I speak the truth... I don't like make empty promises. Sometimes when I speak the truth, it may not seem exciting, but it is the truth. If I have said we will give Rs 72,000 to the poorest 5 crore families, it will happen. We have even spoken about the phases and ways it will be rolled out": Rahul Gandhi on Congress's poll promise - Nyay Scheme
  • Indian Air Force should take credit for Balakot air strike: Rahul Gandhi
  • You must make political leaders uncomfortable with your questions. Ask questions from your teachers
  • In our education system, skills have to become the key. Countries like US emphasise on more on skills than we do
  • Students are the assets of a nation. The students of Indian are among the most brilliant in the world. Indian system's good reputation is because of its students