"2019 Election Has Helped Break Walls, Connect Hearts," Says PM: Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been formally elected as leader of the National Democratic Alliance or NDA at a meet of the victorious BJP-led alliance in the central hall of parliament today.

PM Modi was also elected as the leader of the BJP Parliamentary Party.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been formally elected as leader of the National Democratic Alliance or NDA at a meet of the victorious BJP-led alliance in the central hall of parliament today. Leaders of the NDA one by one spoke in the central hall and supported the move to elect PM Modi. The PM was also elected as the leader of the BJP Parliamentary Party. Senior BJP leaders LK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi are also present at the NDA parliamentary meeting. Yesterday, the council of ministers led by PM Modi submitted their resignation which was accepted by President Kovind, paving way for formation of new government. Accepting PM Modi's resignation, the president had had asked them to continue as a caretaker until the formation of a new government. PM Modi is expected to take oath for his second term next week.

Here are the highlights of PM Modi's address after being elected NDA leader:

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Here's what PM Modi said after being elected as NDA leader in Parliament:
  • Firstly, I want to thank everyone here. The BJP has chosen me. All leaders of the NDA, all parties of the NDA chose me. So I am indebted to you
  • You all deserve greetings but those elected for the first time deserve an even bigger one. I offer all of you my greetings
  • A massive mandate also increases one's responsibility, we accept that
  • In India, elections were a festival. Voting was also filled with colour
  • The whole world was keenly watching this Indian election
  • You have been a witness to the change in India's politics and are responsible for it
  • Today we are here to take forward our promise of 'New India' with a renewed energy. We must move ahead with new energy but at the same time also understand the Indian democracy
  • People have accepted us due to our 'seva bhav'. One has to prepare oneself to be always ready to help people even when you move through the lanes of politics and power
  • The conscience of Indian voter is unparalleled, he never respects those hungry for power
  • You have chosen me your leader but I am one of you, just an equal
  • The NDA must walk shoulder-to-shoulder but I am always happy to be one who takes the blame if anything goes wrong
  • The country not only voted us to power in 2014, they also showed us the way, they were participants
  • The 2019 elections have worked towards breaking down walls and connecting hearts. In a way, it became a way to unite the society. It took this election to a new height. People have started a new era and we are all a witness to it
  • A voter never accepts 'satta ka rutba' (arrogance of power). He might tolerate it due to helplessness, but will never accept it
  • When people have faith, instead of anti-incumbency, there is a pro-incumbency wave. This pro-incumbency wave is woven with trust. The trust was not only between people and government, but also among people themselves. This is a positive vote. This thinking has given such a big mandate
  • We are there for people who have supported us, we are there for people who will support us
  • We got as many more votes this time as the entire share of votes President Trump got to get elected in US
  • When I was campaigning, I was not asking for votes, I was going out there to thank voters, just like a pilgrimage
  • There has been record voting in election, and women have voted on par with men. Next time they will cross men
  • We also have the largest number of women parliamentarians this time
  • Two things critical today are national ambition and regional aspirations (NARA)
  • NDA's core is energy and synergy
  • Never let arrogance creep in, do not think anything - even 'Modi' - made you win. People made you win
  • Never believe anybody who says you are going to be a minister, it will all be according to norms
  • The country doesn't like VIP culture. Why shouldn't we stand in line for security check at the airport
  • You may have been elected from somewhere but you are India's lawmaker,  you have to think of Kashmir and Kerala both
  • Always believe in the teachings of Gandhi ji, Deen Dayal Upadhyay, Ram  Manohar Lohia and Baba Saheb Ambedkar
  • From 2014 to 2019, we have had a government for the poor and in 2019, this government, I can say with confidence, was made by the poor
  • Minorities have been kept in fear, used in elections. We have to end this cycle. We have worked for Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, now we have to strive for Sabka Vishwas
  • In 2019, we must replicate the spirit of 1942 to 1947. We no longer want to live with the 'developing' country tag
May 25, 2019 18:29 (IST)
PM Modi bows before the Constitution before starting his address at the NDA parliamentary meeting:
May 25, 2019 18:21 (IST)
"I am happy to announce that the BJP parliamentary party has unanimously elected Narendra Modi as its leader," BJP President Amit Shah announced. In the just-concluded parliamentary polls, the BJP scored a resounding victory, taking home 303 out of 542 seats. The Congress, led by Rahul Gandhi, faced an epic failure with just 52.
May 25, 2019 18:21 (IST)
May 25, 2019 18:20 (IST)
May 25, 2019 18:20 (IST)
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