This Article is From Mar 04, 2016

Constitution Not A Video That Can Be Doctored: Kanhaiya Kumar

Kanhaiya Kumar was released from Tihar jail on Thursday.

New Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University student union president Kanhaiya Kumar is addressing the media after being released from jail on bail yesterday. He had been arrested on charges of sedition over a controversial event on the campus where anti-India slogans were allegedly raised. Here are highlights from his address:
  • I want to assure the people of the country that your tax money is not used to fund any anti-national activities in JNU.
  • There are some dark clouds but I want to tell them that there will be rainfall after the dark clouds.
  • These dark clouds can't hide the red sun and the blue skies.
  • The rainfall will push away the dark clouds.
  • People who play with our Constitution, we have to stand up against their evil designs.
  • The sacrifice of our jawans and our farmers committing suicide and Rohith Vemula - will not go waste.
  • You are trying to divide the country.
  • Farmers, sons of farmers and daughters of farmers.
  • There is difference between sedition and treason.
  • It was made by the English to make people fear them.
  • JNU has full faith in Constitution and judiciary.
  • Let courts decide if it was sedition or not.
  • We will not say anything.
  • We have faith on Constitution and judiciary.
  • Despite all their efforts they have not been able to fabricate the truth.
  • Constitution is not a video that can be doctored.
  • Truth will win and dark clouds will go away.
  • There should be more JNUs from the subsidy money.
  • So that other friends who come from poor backgrounds can do their PhD and can fight for the country.
  • Your money is being spent well.
  • Problem is that the government of the country, has become the government of one party. Not one party but one office.
  • We have to make them realise that they are here for the country.
  • Not only to an office but they are answerable to Parliament.
  • I have no personal differences only ideological differences.
  • We are children like any other, we are from this country, we are not terrorists.
  • Soldier fighting for the country, or our farmers dying, or students fighting for their rights - this is our crime.
  • But if government considers this as a crime, we will do it again and again, we have no regrets.
  • Our students have been beaten up by mobs.
  • Fabricated videos to malign the campus.
  • Some people have appointed condom counting officers.
  • JNU is a real voice of the country.
  • From North East to Gujarat, Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
  • Not just Indians, but students from 145 countries are here, they contribute.
  • Of 4,500 bureaucrats - 2500 are from JNU.
  • Sedition is a black law, should not be used on students.
  • We understand the limit of freedom of speech.
  • Freedom not from country but freedom within country
  • We want to make the country stronger, more united.
  • In globalisation, it is tough to strengthen nationalism.
  • It is a big challenge, we understand it.
  • The conspiracy to deflect attention from the real problems of the country.
  • We need to understand that.