Case Against Jaipur Woman For Allegedly Extorting Haryana Tennis Player

The woman and others have extorted Rs 6 lakh, police said. The tennis player recently got a job and the woman raised a fresh demand of Rs 10 lakh.

Case Against Jaipur Woman For Allegedly Extorting Haryana Tennis Player

The accused woman met the tennis player in Karnal in 2017 during a competition. (Representational)


A 21-year-old tennis player from Haryana has accused a Jaipur woman of making his obscene video in the city during his visit here as a teenager three years ago and extorting over Rs 6 lakh from him.

The Jaipur police today said the player, an 18-year-old teenager when he was allegedly trapped by the woman, has lodged a complaint with the police after he faced a demand of Rs 10 lakh more after getting a job.

The accused Raveena met the player in Karnal, Haryana in 2017 for a competition and praised his performance.

She had also invited him to Jaipur, saying she would help him in getting a private coaching job with a handsome salary.

“The complainant visited Jaipur in 2018 to participate in an event where he met Raveena again along with another accused persons, including a girl. They made arrangements for his stay in a hotel and made an obscene video with a girl,” said SHO Surendra Kumar Saini of the Ashok Nagar police station in Jaipur.

“After this, Raveena and other accused blackmailed the player and extorted around Rs 6 lakh from him,” the SHO said.

The tennis player got a job recently when the woman again contacted him and raised a fresh demand of Rs 10 lakh, following which the man apprised his mother of having been trapped in the extortion racket, the SHO said.

“As the new demand continued, his mother registered a complaint for extortion on Sunday,” the SHO said. He said one of the accused had also introduced himself as a journalist. “The matter is being probed,” he said.