'It's Not Modi vs Me in Delhi,' Says Arvind Kejriwal to NDTV

'It's Not Modi vs Me in Delhi,' Says Arvind Kejriwal to NDTV

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AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal said voters in Delhi shouldn't "fall into the trap of voting for PM Modi"

New Delhi:  Arvind Kejriwal, the chief of the Aam Aadmi Party, told NDTV that voters in Delhi should not "fall into the trap of voting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi" as he will not run the city.

Here are the highlights:

  • Vice President of Delhi's BJP unit caught on camera trying to buy MLA... They made all efforts to buy our MLAs in the last five months... When they didn't succeed, they had to support assembly dissolution
  • This time we will fight elections on a) what we did in our 49 days of governance (reduced power prices, improved water supply, corruption levels came down, transport department stopped taking bribes); b) what we plan to do now
  • Will start 'Delhi Dialogues' (agenda on how to make Delhi better)
  • This time, it won't be about agitational politics
  • Modi is a great orator but there's negligible work on the ground
  • Media is trying to portray a  battle between Kejriwal and Modi
  • Maharashtra and Haryana fought on the basis of 'Modi'... But Mr Fadnavis, Mr Khattar eventually became chief minister... If people fall into that trap, they will suffer because Modi will not be running Delhi
  • In Delhi, it's a battle between Jagdish Mukhi and Kejriwal, not Modi and Kejriwal
  • Haryana and Maharashtra had no option, Delhi does
  • Because they are scared of Arvind Kejriwal, they (BJP) haven't announced chief ministerial candidate
  • People I meet in Delhi are saying "Modi for PM, Kejriwal for Chief Minister"
  • Will never resign again, have learnt my lesson
  • The facts don't bear that AAP is a one-man party... it's wrong criticism
  • From the day elections have been announced, our donations have increased 10-fold
  • Last time we raised Rs 20 crore... this time, we will raise Rs 30-40 crore... but the people against us have the capacity to spend Rs 4,000 crore
  • I agree that people from the middle class are upset with me over the resignation
  • People ask me why did you leave? Ask them who will you vote for and they will say we will give you another chance.
  • Mr Modi is their hope for the Centre but people of Delhi know he is not going to be chief minister. Delhi has a strong alternative in AAP.
  • Even if you have the same government at the Centre and state, it doesn't ensure development
  • You need a strong leader and today, the BJP and Congress don't have the leadership in Delhi

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