This Article is From May 04, 2017

Body Parts Of Soldiers Taken To Other Side, Says Furious India

Pak envoy Abdul Basit was summoned by India over the mutilation of 2 Indian soldiers


  • India summons Pak envoy Abdul Basit over mutilation of its soldiers
  • 2 Indian soldiers were killed and mutilated by Pak's Border Action Team
  • 'Pak will have to face the consequences', India's vice army chief said
New Delhi: Calling the killing and mutilation of its two soldiers a "strong act of provocation", India told Islamabad on Wednesday there is "sufficient evidence" of the role of the Pakistani army. The government summoned Pakistani envoy Abdul Basit to underscore its outrage and demanded immediate action against the Pakistani soldiers and commanders responsible for what it called a "heinous act".

"We have provided actionable evidence. The Pakistan High Commission denied involvement and said he would convey the message conveyed to him," said foreign ministry spokesperson Gopal Baglay.

Last evening, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said that "Pakistan's denial carries no credibility."

Naib Subedar Paramjit Singh of the Indian Army and Constable Prem Sagar were on patrol at the Line of Control in Kashmir when they were ambushed by a Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) of army men and terrorists that sneaked 250 metres into Indian territory. The mutilated bodies of the two soldiers were found on Monday morning.

"Blood samples of Indian soldiers collected and the trail of blood on Roza Nala clearly shows that the killers returned across the LoC (Line of Control)," Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar told Mr Basit. 

Sources confirmed that "body parts of the soldiers were taken to the other side" and the trail of blood was theirs.

New Delhi also told the Pakistani envoy it was significant that the attack was preceded by cover fire from Pakistani posts.

In response to India's strong warnings of retribution, Pakistan had asked for "actionable evidence", warning "any misadventure shall be appropriately responded at a place and time of own choosing."

On Tuesday, as their bodies were taken to their villages in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab for last rites, top commanders of India and Pakistan spoke on a hotline. India's top military commander told his Pakistan counterpart that the killing was "beyond any norms of civility and merits unequivocal condemnation and response".

Later, Vice Chief of Army Staff Sarath Chand said: "Pakistan will have to face the consequences and the army will respond to the dastardly act at a time and place of its choosing."