This Article is From Apr 23, 2022

IIT Professor Gives Glimpse Of Life On Campus, Shows "Poor PhD Students"

Assistant professor Abhijit Majumder shard a photo of two PhD students working in their labs even on a Sunday.

IIT Professor Gives Glimpse Of Life On Campus, Shows 'Poor PhD Students'

A professor of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has shared a photo to give a glimpse of the life on campus. It shows two scholars working tirelessly on a Sunday.

One of the students is lying on a mattress on the floor, as seen in the photos shared by Professor Abhijit Majumder on Twitter.

“A poor PhD student @RohitjoshiB working under a strict guide @abhijit_MLab not getting chance to go to room even in the Sunday night n hence sleeping in the lab on the mattress of his senior @Pankaj_27March. Mumbai Summer and Lab AC are just the excuses,” the assistant professor said in his tweet.

The post, share on Sunday, was an instant hit in the Twitter universe. Many users recalled their own experience while studying in the IITs.

“Had a similar setup too. This pose was to handle the back pain and ofc have access to high speed internet with unlimited AC. Lab has always been the first home and then comes hostel. Wish there's an option to put up these pictures in my thesis!” commented a user.

“Likewise, sometimes i overstay in lab just for AC,” said another user.

One of the Twitter users said this was his way to save on bills during summers. “We had a sleeping chair, bag and dining table with TV and sofa. My senior lives there, saved a lot on rent,” the user commented.

Professor Majumder replied saying, “Wowwww. That's a luxury.”

Earlier this month, QS World University Rankings released its list of top institutes for the year 2022 which IIT-Bombay was on top country-wise.