Harish Rawat Addresses Media After Returning To Power: Highlights

Harish Rawat Addresses Media After Returning To Power: Highlights
Dehradun: Uttarakhand's leader Harish Rawat speak to the media after the congress returned to power as the Supreme Court quashed President's rule in the state.

Here are the highlights of his address:
  • I am not the Chief Minister at the moment, I don't need security.
  • Judiciary has come forth as an educator of the Constitution, want to thank Supreme Court and High Court.
  • The Supreme Court and the High Court are the final educators of democratic values.
  • My party workers are the ultimate masters of the show.
  • I also wish to thank the Government of India and the Attorney General.
  • I am thankful to the Attorney General and the government of India for assurance in court of revocation of President's rule. Hope the notification is issued soon.
  • I have said this in the past and I am saying this today that we may be a small state, but our aspirations are large.
  • After my cabinet is restored, will meet Sonia Gandhi & Rahulto thank them for their unconditional support.
  • I also thank Mayawati for supporting us.
  • I will also meet PM Modi and Finance Minister and will tell them that the state of Uttarakhand needs your support.
  • I will also them that we want to work closely with the Centre as a determined partner.
  • We will call for a cabinet meeting today. We will act once the notification comes in.
  • Want to thank & tell my friends in BJP, let us forget the past experience and begin a new chapter.