This Article is From Nov 20, 2009

Guarding us without beds, homes

Mumbai: Clothes hung out to dry, a jawan washing up after work, beds laid out for a much needed break: the Gateway's keepers have made the Gateway their home away from home.

After the 26/11 attacks, they were brought in to guard Mumbai's best known landmark but a year later the jawans posted at the Gateway of India are living a miserable existence, in fact they're little better than squatters.

"We have no choice to live like this," said a jawan posted at Gateway of India.

After 26/11, State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) jawans were posted here to guard the World Heritage site; 25 jawans every two months.

The Mumbai Police was to put a roof over their head, care for their daily necessities. The only caring they get is food from the police mess - three times a day.

Bathing, answering nature's call, all that at public urinal close by.

When asked Mumbai's Police Commissioner provided the all too familiar lip service.

"We will look into the matter and take appropriate action," said D Sivanandan, Mumbai Police Commissioner.

Hope this public shaming will get the Gateway's guardians their much needed shelter.