'PM Proved Delhi Government Most Honest': Arvind Kejriwal's Swipe In Goa

Goa Assembly Elections: "... this proves AAP is the most honest party. If we're allowed to form the government in Goa, I promise you it will be an honest government," Arvind Kejriwal said.

Goa Elections: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was in Goa to campaign for next year's election


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal - in Goa Sunday to campaign for the Aam Aadmi Party ahead of next month's election - offered novel 'proof' of his party's honesty and track record - that raids 'ordered' by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had failed to find evidence of wrong-doing.

Mr Kejriwal began his press briefing by accusing the ruling BJP of taking bribes to fill government posts and said the AAP, if voted to power, would ensure "equality of opportunity".

He said this claim - of a corruption-free government - had been questioned by Goa's youth and that their concerns were valid because "before elections everyone will say... 'our party is the best'".

"In Delhi we did this... a certificate was provided by PM Modi, who conducted raids on me, on (Deputy Chief Minister) Manish Sisodia... raids were done by the CBI, by police. They set up a commission to examine 400 of our files... but they couldn't find one mistake..." he said with a smile.

"So... this proves AAP is the most sincere and honest party. If we're allowed to form the government in Goa, I promise you it will be an honest government," the Delhi Chief Minister said.

Mr Kejriwal isn't the only opposition leader in claiming the ruling BJP is using central investigative agencies - including the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate - to target critics and rivals.

And the data suggests they have a valid point.

Last month NDTV found action against the BJP's rivals - by agencies reporting to the central government - have exploded since Prime Minister Modi's party came to power in 2014.

A massive 570 opposition leaders (including family members) and critics have been targeted, while only 39 individuals linked to the BJP, or its allies, have faced scrutiny from the same agencies.

In August last year Mr Sisodia claimed "a list of 15 people", including AAP leaders, had been drawn up on orders from the Prime Minister and that they were to be targeted by agencies ahead of elections.

Delhi BJP chief Adesh Gupta rejected the allegation as "unfounded and baseless".

Over the past several years the AAP has frequently faced investigation from central agencies, including the Income Tax department, and Mr Kejriwal has, as frequently, slammed the BJP.

In October 2018 the Delhi Chief Minister demanded the Prime Minister apologise to the people of the national capital for "constantly troubling" the government they voted to power.

That was after multiple tax raids at premises linked to Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot.

Addressing reporters in Goa today, Mr Kejriwal laid out a 13-point list for Goa voters, who will choose a new government in a single-phase poll on February 14.

The list includes assurances on unemployment and corruption, as well as trademark AAP promises about improved public healthcare and education, and supply of electricity.

"People of Goa are looking to this elections with hope. Earlier they didn't have any choice - other than the BJP or Congress. They are frustrated and want a change and AAP offers that," he said.

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