Drunk Railway ticket checker allegedly rapes woman on train

Mount Abu: This 25-year-old woman has become the victim of a shameful assault. While travelling from Ajmer to Abu Road on the Ajmer-Dadar Express a 52-year-old ticket checker, DD Mishra, allegedly raped her in a lonely AC compartment on Friday night. The ticket collector was allegedly drunk and he got the chance to overpower the victim as she was alone and the berths around her were vacant.

The woman broadly described the incident and what happened to her.

"I was sitting in the sleeper coach, he then called me to the A/C coach and started misbehaving with me. I don't want to say anything else," said the victim.

When some passengers heard the woman's cries for help, they caught hold of the man and thrashed him. When the train finally stopped at the Abu Road station, late on Friday night they handed the culprit to the Railway Police.

Initial investigations have confirmed the rape charge, and on the victim's complaint the police have registered a case under Section 376 of the IPC.

"The lady already knew the ticket checker. He won the trust of the lady and then raped her. This is totally wrong and a thorough investigation will be done in this matter," said Suresh Kumar, Additional SP, Railway Police.

Millions of people travel on Indian trains everyday and ticket checkers play a crucial role in not only checking the tickets of passengers but also ensuring that they don't suffer any difficulties. But if government officials responsible for their safety start assaulting passengers hardly any woman is likely to feel safe in travelling by Indian Railways.