This Article is From Jan 16, 2014

Delhi Police is highly compromised, says Arvind Kejriwal: highlights

Delhi Police is highly compromised, says Arvind Kejriwal: highlights
In a press conference today, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that incidents of crime were happening despite of police force in Delhi.

Here are the highlights:

     Arvind Kejriwal:
  • It's (rapes) not because or Delhi police. It's despite Delhi police
  • Why talk about action after the incident? Why are such incidents happening in the city?
  • Incident last night with Somnath Bharti shows how police is operating
  • Delhi police is highly compromised
  • If accountability is not set, then the incidents of rape will not cme to an end
  • We demand that the offending SHOs be suspended. If they aren't suspended, then neither the government nor the  people of Delhi will be mute spectators
  • We are warning the Delhi Police... the entire population of Delhi will start interfering in their work if they don't start acting
  • Drug and sex rackets going on... the minister demands action... we are not investigating but want the police to take action.
  • The people of Delhi are unhappy with the police's performance. 
  • Rape tendencies start with drug and sex rackets

    Somnath Bharti:


  • We caught hold of miscreants - foreign nationals selling drugs but the police didn't cooperate
  • The SHO left with all his men, did not search the premises and nab the culprits
  • The ACP came much later and said they couldn't search without warrants
  • A car came with foreign nationals - and a cop was sent inside the car - but the car wasn't searched
  • I left them at AIIMS after the foreign nationals refused to give blood samples or even show their passports
  • On my way back, my car was blocked by two car full of foreign nationals, but I managed to escape with my life

    Rakhi Birla: 

  • Neha had threatened to commit suicide
  • I received a call that she had set herself on fire
  • This woman had approached me and I told her I would help her
  • When I assured her of justice she said her mom-in-law and husband were responsible for her condition, her in-laws set her on fire and it was not suicide
  • I was told police recoded her statement once, but no action was taken
  • On 13th January she had informed the police that her life was in a risk
  • Police officer on duty spoke rudely to her
  • The cop was reluctant to come with us to meet the girl
  • The SHO spoke very rudely, he said if you can get us transferred, then go ahead
  • The police had not marked the spot where there was attempt to murder the girl