Delhi gang-rape: who said what

Delhi gang-rape: who said what
The horrific rape of a young medical student in a bus in South Delhi on Sunday night was raised by angry parliamentarians today in both houses. Prominent citizens also raised concerns over the incident. (Read full story)

Here are all the reactions:

Meira Kumar, Speaker of Lok Sabha
The gang-rape case in Delhi is chilling. The government must take tough steps - this is what the House wants.

Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha

What is the government doing to curb rape cases in the capital? The rapists should be hanged, we need tougher laws to stop rapes. There no words enough to condemn this issue. Home Minister should come to the house and explain what the government is doing. And the whole house should condemn this in one voice.

Jaya Bachchan, Samajwadi Party MPin the Rajya Sabha
We live in such a country where women are worshipped. But that faith is disrupted every day because in some city of India, especially in the capital there are atrocities against women. The way we are discussing this topic today it should have been done earlier. (Watch: Jaya Bachchan breaks down in Parliament)

Mayawati, BSP Chief
We need to improve our laws and make them stricter, so that it serves as a deterrent. Not enough to just arrest them, but action should be so strict that no one should dare to act in such a manner.

Girija Vyas, Congress

There should be security all around. Fast track is very much needed. I want to say that everybody should come together... There is a need of self-defence programme. Please wake up and save our girls.

Venkaiah Naidu, BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha
Home minister should take moral responsibility and assure the house that such an incident will not happen again.

Hamid Ansari, Rajya Sabha Chairman
The government will make a statement on the case later today.

Kamal Nath, Parliamentary Affairs Minister
Tough and strict steps will be taken.

Derek O' Brien: Trinamool MP in the Rajya Sabha
Delhi has become the rape capital of India. Rape is not a women's issue, it is much beyond. It is about men who stop behaving like human beings and started behaving like animals. This is even worse than animals.

Smriti Irani, BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha
Even when a girl is molested in Delhi, the police says it's just a molestation, not a rape. You (Speaker)  are saying "time up"; time should be up for these criminals , not MPs discussing these issues. In 36 hours, a 23 year old and a six year old have been raped.  I want to ask the government why we are unable to secure women in our capital? I request the Home Minister not to restrict himself to a statement or sound bite.

Dinesh Trivedi, Trinamool MP
There has to be accountability. Heads must role. Why should we have a police which is ineffective.

Renuka Chowdhary, Congress MP in Rajya Sabha
"How did these criminals think they can get away after doing this? The police, who are there to protect us, whose business it is to make us feel safe, they should make sure fear continues. I suggest women MPs should meet the commissioner of police and Delhi chief minister to work out an action plan whereby such incidents do not happen again."

Narayana Murthy, Infosys founder
"I heard about the gang rape of a young girl in Delhi. I felt ashamed to be an Indian. In the capital of our country that such a thing could happen. I only hope that the authorities will ensure that such things will not repeat."

(With PTI inputs)

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