Big B blogs on NDTV's Living Legends Award

Big B blogs on NDTV's Living Legends Award

Amitabh Bachchan was honoured at the Rashtrapati Bhawan as one of NDTV's 25 greatest living global Indians.

On Saturday, December 14, Amitabh Bachchan was honoured at the Rashtrapati Bhavan as one of NDTV's 25 greatest living global Indians. With him on stage were leading scientists, sportsmen, writers, musicians, social activists and actors. Like him, all living legends.

Mr Bachchan shared his experience on his blog that night and the next morning.

Read the blogs below:

DAY 2069

LIve with this for the mean time .. I have to shut my eyes now ... they be closing in on me ... and it is cold here in Delhi ... the duvet is not doing enough ..

But before all else have to say that NDTv did a splendid job - the elegance the dignity the hospitality ... and so much more ... was a moment of great pride for us all ..

The distinguished company that we were placed in was the added joy. They made the programme ... and long may they live ..

Will be more verbose in the morning ... then

DAY 2070

As the events of last night sink in, one realises what a great honour and moment in our lives the magnitude of it all exhibits. We are not deserving of it, but some feel we are. Greatness does not lie in us, it lies in the belief of others, that they think so. And so we submit to them in all humility. And we persevere as always in the days to come, to continue to propel our minds in a direction that shall keep us wishing and wanting to to perhaps reach that stage where we feel further challenged. To accomplish that which we may have not been able to overcome. To attempt, to struggle, to make effort, to move that centimetre perhaps in the right direction. To not be dissuaded by adverse comment. To be in welcoming all that which is negative and to be inspired enough to disprove it. Not in revenge, but in reinvention. Of oneself, of our being and of our own manifestations ...

As I laze about in my environs at home in Delhi, I feel the need of a reduction in pressures of work. And I wonder what may I do if I were to do that. Life has been most generous and kind to me, that I often feel if I merely stopped it would be an injustice to all that life by the grace of the Almighty gave me. And so I work .. and hope .. and endeavour, to continue doing what I feel I must .. for, none else shall decipher what each of us know of ourselves, but us ..

Winters in Delhi are magnificent ! Comparisons with other winters all over the world may not be a fare judge of what this means - each destination has its own interpretations of it. But for one that has spent some of the most formative days here it has its own special meaning.

I drove by my old home at 13, Willingdon Crescent, now named differently, and the first thought that came was the very early morning misty and fogged environment and getting out from my gate for a run down to the first crossing a mile away and back, the cold and freezing breeze numbing the nostrils and the finger tips. The ease of run in the beginning, ending up in the last 100 meters into a sprint much like the last lap of a competition in the athletic track events one sees at the Olympics or any International meet ... gasping for breath, easing out with a walk in the lawn of the house, and then those favoured glasses of milk and egg flip .. horrid in taste, but as my Father would urge me on in drinking it with those encouraging words - " how delicious !", the same he would say when we were younger and had to face the ordeal of that morning spoon of cod liver oil !! Remember ?? Or perhaps many of you were too young for those times, or too accustomed to more refined and tastier supplements .... !!!

But winters in Delhi ... always attractive and pleasant .. the mild sun throughout the day, the fire in the drawing room, the pista, badaam, kishmish, and the chilgoza ...

.... and just as winter onsets, the warm clothes being brought out from well stored boxes by Mother to be aired in the sun and the smell of wool all around ... the many evenings with Ma at coffee stops, the smell of freshly ground coffee, as you snuggled in your shawls and pullovers ... the gagak, and the rewari in abundance ... and the pink blossoms and the nargis flowers, the dehliyas and roses and all kinds of variety colors in them ...

...the sprint in the morning from 13, to the University DTU bus that stopped on South Avenue, those permanent familiar faces, the banter, the laughter and fun... bunking classes to go to the street behind our respective College to listen to the cricket commentary on radio of the Test Match being played ... crunching and munching the mooli and kakdi with salt and pepper .. 

so much to talk of and so much to embellish our thoughts with ...

But its time to load up and fly back ... back to busy Mumbai, to Sunday the well wishers and HOME ... !!

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