After Bangladesh MP's Murder, CCTV Shows Killers Leaving With Suitcase

Bangladesh MP Murder: One of them is seen carrying a large suitcase, while the other one has several plastic bags.


A new video shows two people, believed to have murdered a Bangladesh MP, leaving an apartment in Kolkata's New Town where police had found blood stains while searching for the leader. The MP, Anwarul Azim Anar, was skinned and chopped up in the apartment before his body parts were disposed of across the city. Anar had been missing since May 14, two days after he arrived in Kolkata.

The CCTV footage from outside the apartment shows two men walking out of the apartment. One of them is carrying a large suitcase, while the other one has several plastic bags.

Police have arrested Jihad Hawladar, an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, for the murder of the MP. During the investigation, Hawladar revealed details about how the crime was planned and executed.

The revelations are nothing short of chilling. Hawladar allegedly told cops that after killing Anar, the group proceeded to skin the body, remove all the flesh, and mince it to obliterate any possibility of identification. The remains were then packed into plastic bags and dropped across the city.

Hawladar said he was hired by Akhtaruzzaman, a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin, to skin the MP, an art he was skilled at as he is a butcher by profession.

Another CCTV video shows Anar entering the flat with a woman, and police are probing a honey-trap angle.

They are looking into the role of Shilasti Rahman, a woman who the cops believe was acquainted with one of his killers and 'honey-trapped' the Bangladesh MP, delivering him to his end.

"The investigation indicates the MP fell into a 'honey trap'. It seems he was lured by the woman. We suspect he was murdered soon after he went to the flat," a Kolkata cop relayed info from Dhaka.

Anar, a three-time MP in Bangladesh, came to Kolkata for some treatment purposes on May 12 and initially, he had put up at the residence of his long associate and friend in Kolkata Gopal Biswas at Baranagar also in the northern outskirts of Kolkata.

However, on May 14 he went out of Biswas's residence and informed the latter he would be coming back on the same day. State police sources said that he went missing since then and his mobile phone was also switched off.