This Article is From Oct 28, 2016

'Don't You Know Who I Am?' He Allegedly Said. Jail Again For Rocky Yadav

Rocky Yadav, accused of killing Aditya Sachdeva in Bihar road rage case, was out on bail.


  • Rocky Yadav, 21, son of powerful businessman, mother is politician
  • Accused of shooting college student in Bihar in road rage in May
  • Bail granted by Patna High Court cancelled today by Supreme Court
New Delhi: Rocky Yadav, accused of shooting a college student in Bihar in road rage, will return to jail. The Supreme Court has cancelled the bail that was granted to him by the Patna High Court last week and challenged by the state government in the top court.

Mr Yadav, 21, whose real name is Rakesh Ranjan, has powerful parents: his father is a businessman in Gaya in Bihar; his mother, Manorama Devi, is a local politician who was suspended from the ruling Janata Dal United after a high school student, Aditya Sachdeva, was killed in May.

Mr Sachdeva, 19, was driving home with his friends in a Maruti Swift. Mr Yadav, who was driving a Land Rover, was enraged at being overtaken by the smaller car, witnesses have testified. He fired a warning shot in the air, forcing Mr Sachdeva and his friends to a stop. Then, he shot again, and the bullet pierced the rear windshield and hit Mr Sachdeva, a court has been told.

Mr Yadav's release from prison last week would allow him the chance to influence key witnesses, the Bihar government told the Supreme Court.

Nasir Husain, one of the four school boys who was riding with Mr Sachdeva, said that Mr Yadav beat him up before firing the bullet that killed Mr Sachdeva. "The guy with the pistol, who had said 'either you stop or we will shoot you', started beating me. He said 'My name's Rocky Yadav.' Blood was running from my nose because of the beating," he has said in a statement to the court that is trying Mr Yadav.

Mr Yadav's bodyguard that evening, Rajesh Kumar, has also told the police that the young man bragged of his family's clout during the assault.

"Rocky babu started beating the guys sitting in the Swift, saying, 'Don't you know I'm the son of Bindi Yadav?' The Swift driver tried to race away, but Rocky was trying to drag him out of the car and the driver lost his balance. Then Rocky fired and this time, the bullet hit the rear windshield," he has revealed.