Ashneer Grover Slams BharatPe For Initiating "New Case Every Week"

Ashneer Grover is currently embroiled in a legal battle with BharatPe after allegations of financial irregularities surfaced in January 2022.

Ashneer Grover Slams BharatPe For Initiating 'New Case Every Week'

The former Shark Tank Judge took to Twitter to slam the company

Ashneer Grover came out guns blazing against BharatPe for allegedly filing a new case against him "every week". The Fintech unicorn filed a criminal suit against its former MD and co-founder last year for misappropriating funds, the criminal break of trust, and forgery. The company has also sought direction for payment of over Rs 88.67 crores with interest towards the recovery of alleged misappropriated funds and damages caused to the reputation of the firm.

On Wednesday, the former Shark Tank Judge took to Twitter to slam the company. He wrote, " I am a bit confused. As BharatPe shareholder am I invested in a fintech or law firm? Also a new case against Ashneer Grover every week is a feature or product release ?!"

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In January 2023, the Delhi High Court Wednesday issued a summons to Mr Grover on a suit by the BharatPe co-founder Bhavik Koladiya seeking to reclaim the shares he transferred to his erstwhile colleague.

Meanwhile, the tweet is going viral, gathering varied responses. One user wrote, "that is the irony in India. Most of the cases are done to harass rather than to seek justice..."

Another user wrote, "I don't think they understand fiduciary responsibility meaning."

"they are obsessed with you it seems. either they want the shares you own in Bharat payback OR they want to make you responsible and accountable for all their failure to run and manage Bharat Pay. clearly. no third case," the third user wrote.

The fourth wrote, "I think these cases are now a part of their PR budget... Helps both sides remain viral...every lawsuit brings in a few lac downloads or page visits I guess..."