AAP Claims "Plan To Kill Arvind Kejriwal In Jail" Amid "Eating Mangoes" Row

Arvind Kejriwal's legal team has insisted that all food items on the Chief Minister's diet chart had been prescribed by his doctor.

AAP Claims 'Plan To Kill Arvind Kejriwal In Jail' Amid 'Eating Mangoes' Row

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal (File).

New Delhi:

Aam Aadmi Party leader Atishi Thursday evening alleged a "conspiracy to kill Arvind Kejriwal", claiming the Delhi Chief Minister - a Type 2 diabetes patient - "is not being given insulin despite repeated requests".

The charge came hours after the Enforcement Directorate - which arrested Mr Kejriwal in the alleged liquor policy scam on March 21 - opposed a request for a video consult with his regular doctor. 

"If the BJP is not able to defeat Arvind Kejriwal in three elections (three Delhi Assembly elections) then a plan is being hatched to kill him by keeping him in jail," Atishi said.

"Everyone knows Arvind Kejriwal is a patient of severe diabetes... he has been suffering for the past 30 years. To keep his sugar level under control he takes 54 units of insulin daily," she continued.

"Ask any doctor... only someone who has such severe diabetes takes this much insulin. That is why the court allowed Arvind Kejriwal to eat home-cooked food... and eat food prescribed by the doctor."

"But today the Bharatiya Janata Party, through its affiliate (the ED), is trying to spoil the health of Kejriwalji... Today the ED lied repeatedly," she said, hitting back at the agency's arguments in the court.

Opposing the plea for a consult with his doctor, the ED argued the Chief Minister endangered his life by regularly eating mangoes and sweets, and drank tea with sugar, none of which is advised for diabetics.

"(Mr Kejriwal's) diet chart has mangoes and sweets on it... it has been placed before the court. (Mr Kejriwal) is regularly consuming foods not permitted for any diabetic patient," the agency's lawyer said.

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Atishi hit back at that argument, saying, "This is a complete lie... Kejriwalji is allowed to tea and sweets with a sweetener (as) prescribed by the doctor. This is a low-calorie sweetener given to diabetics."

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She also slammed the ED over claims Mr Kejriwal is eating bananas to increase his blood sugar level, which reportedly fell to a dangerously low 46 Mg when he was first incarcerated. "I would like to say to the ED... talk to any diabetes doctor. Patients are told to keep banana and some kind of toffee..."

"If the ED read the court order, it is clearly written that when Kejriwalji is in ED custody, or jail, he must always have some kind of toffee and banana (with him)," she said, referring to a direction that the AAP leader be allowed home-cooked food, bottled drinking water, and a supply of toffees.

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Atishi also attacked the ED for saying Mr Kejriwal ate food like oil-rich and fatty foods like puri and aloo every day. "ED people... fear God! The diet chart you deposited in court shows Kejriwalji had this only on one day - first day of Navratri. Will you not let us eat even Navratri prasad (offerings)?"

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The ED has not yet responded to the accusations by Atishi and the AAP.

Why Was Arvind Kejriwal Arrested?

Arvind Kejriwal was arrested by the ED on March 21 in connection with the alleged liquor policy scam in the national capital. The probe agency believes the Chief Minister played a key role in drafting the now-scrapped policy and seeking bribes, or kickbacks, in return for liquor licences.

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The AAP and Mr Kejriwal have refused all charges and called the arrest and case "political vendetta", coming as it did, weeks before the Lok Sabha election.

Mr Kejriwal has challenged his arrest in the Supreme Court. However, the top court has refused an early hearing. He must now wait till April 29, when the court reconvenes to hear the ED's reply.

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