This Article is From Sep 06, 2012

Anna Hazare announces new action plan; not to form party

Anna Hazare announces new action plan; not to form party
Mumbai: Following erstwhile Team Anna's dissolution, activist Anna Hazare today announced a new action plan, which includes appealing people to vote for the "right" candidates, instead of forming a political party.

In a statement issued today, the Gandhian activist also appealed to ensure a 90-plus per cent voting in the elections. In the appeal, aimed mainly at anti-corruption activists in Maharashtra, Mr Hazare said, "There is no need to form any party or to contest elections, but to provide an alternative to the people.

"Only the people have the power to transform and we have to undertake the work of awakening them," Mr Hazare said, adding that voters should elect right candidates in Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

Around 4,000 activists from all over the country have come forward for this task, and from Maharashtra, activists with "national and social perspective" are needed, he said.

"One thing that is being felt strongly is if the anti-corruption agitation continues in a limited manner of perusal of complaints and a few people getting justice, then there will be no difference between this movement and a complaint redressal centre," he said.

Mr Hazare proposed action on six points: Voting for "clean" candidates, to press for right to reject, seek more powers for gram sabha, citizens charter, removing delays in official work and bringing police under "the control" of lokpal/lokayukta.