Man Shot Dead At Madhya Pradesh Wedding, Attackers Shouted "Jai Shri Ram"

Shouting "Jai Sri Ram" slogans, the men had barged into the wedding celebrations in Mandsaur, organized by self-styled godman Rampal. A former sarpanch, Devilal Meena, was shot.

One of the attackers shot former sarpanch Devilal Meena, who died in hospital.


A man was shot dead at a wedding in Madhya Pradesh yesterday, allegedly by men belonging to the right wing. Three men have been arrested in the case, said the police. A protest was held in the city last evening. The police are yet to confirm if the men belong to any right-wing group.

The wedding function was organised by the followers of jailed 'godman' Rampal. Rampal, who is from Haryana, is serving life sentence in connection with the murder of six persons -- five women and an infant.

Amit Verma, a senior officer of the local police, said the armed men gatecrashed the function alleging that such weddings are organised "illegally".  

Rampal's followers say he follows a different wedding ceremony, popularly known as Ramaini, which takes only 17 minutes. The attackers have alleged that the such a marriage is against the Hindu religion.

Cellphone videos of the attack that are being circulated online showed complete pandemonium as panic stricken guests ran around trying to get away from the men, who were carrying hefty poles and bamboos.

In the middle of the chaos, former sarpanch Devilal Meena was shot. He was taken to a hospital in Rajasthan's Kota, where he died later.

Cellphone videos showed the attacker, dressed in red pullover and wearing sunshades, pointing a gun. It is not yet known if he has been arrested.

The attackers were finally chased out by some of the guests.

A murder case has been lodged against 11 men who were identified and others who are not. Three of the men have been arrested.

Mr Meena, a two-time sarpanch and a resident of Shamgarh area, was supported by the state's ruling BJP. He was the main organiser of the wedding.