Aarushi's father attacked with knife at court

Ghaziabad: In a horrific attack, Aarushi's father, Rajesh Talwar was attacked with a butcher's knife.

The attack took place this morning when Dr Talwar was walking out of the Ghaziabad court, suddenly, a young man, Utsav Sharma, rushed and hit him with a meat cleaver.

As Sharma tried to escape he was caught by lawyers and handed over to the police. 

Dr Talwar was rushed to the hospital, his condition is said to be serious. He had to undergo a major operation for his head injuries; he is also likely to go through reconstructive surgeries on both his hands as well.

The man has been charged with murder, but this is not a first for him. (Read: Who is Utsav Sharma?)

He is already facing charges for attacking SPS Rathore, the man convicted in the Ruchika Girhotra suicide case, in Chandigarh last year.

Out on bail, Sharma came to Delhi on Sunday and had purchased the weapon from Chandni Chowk.

"He says he did not want to kill and his only motive was to injure, and he did this as he felt that such cases have no outcome," said Raghuvir Lal, SSP Ghaziabad.

In the Rathore case, Sharma asked for leniency claiming that he was unwell.

His mother, also reiterated the same.

"The boy is not mentally fir. That is all that I have to say," said the mother.

The court will now hear the case on the 8th of next month and then take a decision.