This Article is From Jan 02, 2011

Aarushi Talwar case: CBI has condemned us for life, say Aarushi's parents

New Delhi / Ghaziabad: CBI's closure report in the sensational Aarushi murder case will come up before court tomorrow even as the teenager's father Rajesh Talwar, named as prime suspect, today said he would challenge the agency's findings.

The designated Ghaziabad court, before which the agency filed the closure report on December 29 after two-and-a-half-years of investigation, is expected to decide on whether or not the case should be re-investigated. (Read: CBI gives up with closure report)

"We are now going to move the court. I have to talk to my lawyers and we hope the court gives us justice," Rajesh said when asked about the closure report.

Rajesh and his wife, Nupur, both dentists, lashed out at the CBI for making "false and baseless" allegations against them. "By this closure report all I can say is that the CBI has condemned us for life. They have put all kinds of false allegations upon us without any evidence. This has been completely shocking thing for us," Nupur said.

"A completely unscientific investigation has taken place. It is very upsetting and disappointing and when I see all these things, I don't know where the justice for my child has gone," she said. (Aarushi Talwar's parents: CBI allegations absurd)

In its closure report, CBI gave a clean chit to three servants of the doctor couple --- Krishna, Raj Kumar and Vijay Mandal -- who were picked up as suspects. (Read: CBI's closure report in Aarushi case)

14-year-old Aarushi was found murdered with her throat slit at the Talwar's residence in Noida  on the morning of May 16, 2008. The body of Hemraj, their domestic help, was found on the terrace the next day.

The CBI has raised doubts over the role of the dentist couple in the case but said there was insufficient evidence against Rajesh for it to file a chargesheet as it could not zero in on any motive.

In an attempt to find the murder weapon, the CBI also checked a golf club provided to them by Rajesh. The CBI in the  closure report had said that the golf club "appeared to have been thoroughly cleaned... visibly distinct from the  other golf clubs of the set". However "no body fluid or blood could be detected on the clubs," the closure report said. (Read: Timeline of the case)

The CBI report said that the dimensions of the striking surface of the club seized from Rajesh is identical to the dimensions of the injury found on the heads of Aarushi and Hemraj.