Aarushi case: Talwars get closure report despite CBI objections

New Delhi: Aarushi Talwar's parents will receive a  copy of the report which lists why the CBI wants to end the investigation  into the murder of their 14-year-old daughter, and their  domestic help, Hemraj. A court over-ruled the CBI which said that because Aarushi's father, Rajesh, is an accused in the case, he is not entitled to a copy of its closure report.

Even as the CBI stressed that it believes Rajesh killed hisdaughter, the judge said, "At this point, it's difficult to express anopinion on who could be the accused...but since Rajesh Talwar is the complainant...inthe interest of justice....a copy of the closure report should be provided tohim."

Nupur and Rajesh Talwar are opposing the CBI's decision to drop the double-murder investigation. The CBI told a Ghaziabad court late last month that it does not have any evidence - and cannot establish a motive - but believes that Aarushi was killed in her Noida bedroom by her father in may 2008.  Nupur and Rajesh have expressed anguish and anger over what they - and many legal experts - describe as character assassination. (Read: CBI condemned us for life, say Aarushi's parents)

Today, the CBI ploughed ahead with its claim, suggesting that Rajesh filed a police case after Aarushi died to divert attention from his own role in her murder and "to divert the police."

Drama and high emotion were on visible display at today's  hearing. Minutes before she went into court, Aarushi's mother, Nupur Talwar, asked a CBI inspector, "You have to one day face and answer God. Why are you hiding your face?" The CBI inspector replied, "We'll answer the court". (Read: CBI gives up with closure report) | (Read: CBI's closure report in Aarushi case)

Aarushi was found with her throat slit on the morning of May 16, 2008. She had been killed while her parents were sleeping in the room next door in their Noida apartment. Initially, Rajesh Talwar told the Noida police that his domestic help, Hemraj, who lived with them was missing, and that it was likely that he had killed Aarushi. The next day, Hemraj's body was discovered on the terrace of the Talwar home. (Read: Timeline of the case)

Rajesh was arrested a week later, and spent three months in jail before the CBI admitted in court that it had no evidence against him. The CBI then arrested three domestic helpers who worked and lived near the Talwars. A few months later, they were released from jail after the CBI said no evidence had been found against them either.

The CBI in its closure report field in December turned the heat on Rajesh once again, listing him as its only suspect. The agency said that one of Rajesh's golf clubs that may have served as the murder weapon had been scrubbed clean, and that the Talwars took a year to hand it over to the CBI. Nupur has countered this, stating that it was Rajesh and she who volunteered information about the club, and offered it to the CBI for inspection.