Will Eating Paneer Help You Lose Weight? Other Health Benefits Of This Dairy Product

Did you know the many benefits on including the humble paneer in your diet? Here's everything you need to know about it.

Will Eating Paneer Help You Lose Weight? Other Health Benefits Of This Dairy Product

Paneer is rich in protein and low in carbs


  • Paneer is a popular vegetarian source of protein
  • The folate in paneer can be helpful for pregnant women
  • Including paneer in your diet can improve digestion

It is difficult to imagine vegetarian dishes without paneer (also known as cottage cheese). Paneer plays a significant role in major Indian delicacies. From palak paneer to paneer tikka, Indian cuisine has got a range of lip-smacking paneer delicacies. It's a versatile ingredient which can be used in different forms and variants. This dairy product has got multiple health benefits, which can help the body in many ways. Paneer has an impressive nutrient profile that can help you lose weight, have strong bones and also maintain blood sugar levels. Read below to know more. 

Let's look at the various benefits of paneer:

1. A protein rich food: Paneer is one of the top sources of protein for vegetarians. The protein in paneer is beneficial for your skin, blood, bone development, muscles and cartilage. Paneer is rich in whey protein that can aid weight loss. 

2. High calcium content: Paneer is a calcium rich food. The calcium from paneer can help in maintaining healthy bones, teeth, smooth nerve functioning and healthy heart muscles.


Paneer is rich in calcium that can help strengthen your bones
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3. Maintaining blood sugar levels: Paneer is a good source of magnesium. The magnesium in paneer comes along with the protein, which can help in controlling blood sugar levels.

4. A heart healthy food: Paneer contains potassium, which helps in regulation of fluids in the body. Along with regulating the ideal fluid balance, potassium also helps in negating the effect of excessive salt

5. Rich in folate: Paneer is rich in folate. Folate is very essential for pregnant women. It helps in foetal development in expecting mothers. Folate also plays a crucial role in the production of red blood cells.

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6. Digestion improvement: The phosphorus content of paneer can be helpful for digestion, excretion.

7. Weight loss: Paneer is a low-carb, high protein food. It's a keto diet friendly food. It can keep hunger pangs away for a good amount of time. Paneer has also got linoleic acid, which can be helpful for body's fat burning process. Eating raw paneer can give more effective results.

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