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What Is The Right Way To Eat Sprouts? Raw Or Cooked; Let's Find Out

Sprouts are a good source of vegetarian protein. You can add these to your diet in several ways. Here's all you need to know about the right method to consume sprouts.

What Is The Right Way To Eat Sprouts? Raw Or Cooked; Let's Find Out

Sprouts are loaded with protein and other essential nutrients


  • You can eat small lentils at night when cooked well
  • A sprout chart is a perfect protein-rich snack
  • You can also cook sprouts in various ways

Making healthier choices plays a vital role in achieving your fitness goals. These include adding enough nutrients to your diet. One of the popular nutrients that are quite famous among every fitness enthusiasts is protein. Protein helps in repairing muscles and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Eggs, chicken and other animal-based sources are common sources of protein. Sprouts are one of the vegetarian protein sources that many add to their diet. Not many are aware of the right way to eat sprouts. There is a huge confusion whether sprouts should be consumed raw or cooked. If you are also searching for the right method to consume sprouts, here's the answer revealed.

The right method to eat sprouts

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal writes in her post, "As most people prefer eating high protein meals as much as possible, sprouts have become one of the most popular options, especially for vegetarian protein."

In a video on Instagram Ganeriwal tells that anything which is raw is difficult for the body to digest. Unfortunately, these days raw foods are generally associated with good health.

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Cook sprouts before consuming for better digestion, says expert
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"Coking is an evolved art that has its own set of benefits. One of the major benefits of cooking is better digestibility of food and improved absorption of all the nutrients. If you are eating sprouts, either at day or night have them cooked not raw," the nutritionist reveals.

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Can you eat sprouts at night?

It is always advised to consume a light dinner. These also help you sleep properly at night and maintain a healthy weight. Avoid anything that is hard to digest and can cause trouble while sleeping. Small legumes and sprouts are easy to digest. But if you are eating sprouts for dinner, have them with roti or rice. The bigger ones like chickpea or rajma should be avoided at dinner.

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How to add sprouts to diet?

The most common method is preparing a chat with sprouts. A salad is also a healthy option to choose from. You can also add these to curries or cook with rice or soup.

(Munmun Ganeriwal is a Celebrity Nutritionist, Fitness Expert and Yoga Teacher at Mumbai)

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