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Weight Loss Tips: Try This High-Protein, High-Fibre Salad If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss tips: Are you looking for a filling meal that you can eat when trying to lose weight? Try this high-protein, high-fibre salad.

Weight Loss Tips: Try This High-Protein, High-Fibre Salad If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

A high-protein diet can help reduce your appetitie

Losing weight can often become challenging. It becomes hard to plan meals when trying to lose weight in a sustainable manner. You might be looking for options that can keep you full for longer, provide all the essential nutrients and contain the right amount of calories in it. Protein and fibre are two essential nutrients that play a key role in the weight loss process. Therefore, it is often advised to add optimal amounts of protein and fibre to your weight loss diet. To help you add these two to your diet, Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shared the method to prepare a high-protein, high-fibre salad that you can enjoy guilt-free. But first, let's understand the role of protein and fibre in weight loss.

Protein and fibre for weight loss

Protein: Adding protein to your diet supports weight loss in several ways. It boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and also regulates your hunger hormones. High-protein diets are satiating and reduce hunger and appetite significantly. Ultimately, it helps reduce your overall calorie consumption.


Protein-rich foods can help boost your metabolism
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Fibre: Consuming a fibre-rich diet can help you lose weight, particularly, belly fat. According to studies, fibre helps reduce the risk of belly fat. Fibre-rich foods also curb hunger and reduce your overall calorie intake. Fibre is also known to boost digestive health in more ways than one.

How to prepare protein and fibre-rich salad for weight loss

The nutritionist added the following ingredients to the salad:

  • Chopped kale and lettuce (you can choose leafy greens as per your choice)
  • Lentils of your choice (masoor dal, rajma, chole, kala chana and so on)
  • Blueberries/ Apple/ Orange- pick a fruit of your choice
  • Sauces: balsamic and tahini
  • Salt as per taste
  • A little bit of truffle oil
  • Caramelised walnuts
  • Seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) for some healthy fats and more protein

Combine all these ingredients in a bowl. Mix well and enjoy.

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