Unhappy With Your Weight Loss Results? Here's Why And How You Should Celebrate Each Milestone In Your Fitness Journey

Weight loss tips: Losing weight gets easier with the right mindset. Here are four ways that can help you get into the thinner mindset.

Unhappy With Your Weight Loss Results? Here's Why And How You Should Celebrate Each Milestone In Your Fitness Journey

Weight loss: You should celebrate each time the number on the weight scale goes down


  • When trying to lose weight divide your goals into smaller sections
  • You should not neglect small changes in your weight
  • Celebrate every weight loss achievement without food

Losing weight can be a tough task to carry out but not if you have the right mindset. The weight loss journey is an amazing combination of physical as well as mental discipline. Fitness enthusiasts often hit a roadblock when they try to keep a tab on their progress. However, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija in her latest Instagram post, gave an insight into this practice. To stay motivated, she recommends keeping the "thinner" mindset instead of "thin" mindset. In the clip, Makhija sheds light on how having a "thin mindset" throws you off the final weight goal. She suggests celebrating being thinner than before to stay focused and relaxed.

Weight loss: Here's how you can get into the thinner mindset

The nutritionist compartmentalised this process in four steps which are as follows - Divide, Feel, Imagine and Celebrate. In the caption, she gave an elaborate way of putting them into practice. The nutritionist wrote-

1. Divide. Start by breaking up your goal into smaller, bite-sized pieces. If your aim is to be thinner, and not thin, you will always achieve your goal, no matter how much weight you lose. If you have 30 kilos to lose, aim to lose it at intervals of 5 kilos each."

2. Feel. She further suggests to "feel" the weight that is equivalent to pounds lost. Makhija says, "Every time the scale goes down, pick up an equivalent weight and carry it around. If you've lost a kilo, just take a kilo of fruit, vegetables or any object of equivalent weight and feel it in your hand. It probably feels heavier than you imagined."

3. Imagine. Pooja also asks her Insta fam to "imagine" the progress of losing weight. This included trying out a pair of jeans. "Before you lost 3 kilos, they wouldn't even go up. But now, if you suck your tummy in, you might be able to button up. Have you lost all the weight you wanted to? No. But can you do things you weren't able to do before? Absolutely," the description read.

4. Celebrate. The last tip offers a gentle reminder of celebrating each time the number on the scale goes down with non food ways.

Earlier, Pooja spoke about emotional eating and the "all or nothing" mindset. She focused on how to break the chain of binge eating or resist food temptation. Fitness is truly just a healthy mindset away.

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