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Dry Fasting From Sunset To Sunrise Can Improve Your Health On Many Levels. Read The Benefits

Dry fasting benefits: The 12-hour fasting schedule is preferably continued over 5-6 days in a row. Benefits range from loss of weight to rejuvenated skin and hair.

Dry Fasting From Sunset To Sunrise Can Improve Your Health On Many Levels. Read The Benefits

Dry fasting help improve focus and sleep cycle


  • Dry fasting can offer you many benefits including weight loss
  • it can help you improve skin and hair health
  • You will also experience a drop in sugar and caffeine cravings

If you are a fitness enthusiast, you might have seen or heard that fasting, in all its colours, is growing. But, beware. Most of the fasting methods doing the rounds on social media from novice fitness buffs are nothing more than fads. To help you fast the right way, life coach Luke Coutinho talked about "dry fasting" on a Facebook live session. According to him, fasting, if done right, is a holistic process to repair and heal the body back to its health. A holistic approach is required in order to ensure the better functioning of all organs and their interdependent functions within the body.

Dry fasting: Know the many benefits other than weight loss

Luke's dry fasting challenge suggests shunning food and water for 12 hours, from sunset to sunrise. To prepare for it, he suggests hydrating yourself through the day with 8 to 14 glasses of water, depending on your physical activity. Finish dinner at sunset or within an hour of sunset. Thereafter, avoid water and food until the next morning. For some, hunger and thirst may occur as a habitual response. But do not indulge unless your health is failing. Even if you can't sleep well the first night, which is a rare case, do not give up. Continue this for five to six days in a row.

The benefits are numerous, as Luke puts them down. Here are some of them:

1. Sugar and caffeine cravings drop

2. Expect appetite to come down, resulting in weight loss

3. You would want to eat meals at regular intervals since you are training your body to follow a cycle

4. Energy levels shot up.

5. Expect better clarity and focus

6. Meditation practices can improve

6. Skin and hair problems start to resolve themselves

7. It lowers inflammation levels which helps patients with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions

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However, there are cases where this shouldn't be followed. Luke suggests you observe and listen to your body to understand whether dry fasting is working for or against you. For people with severe auto-immune system and thyroid gland issues, jumping into 12-hour dry fasting may be detrimental. So, start with 8 hours and increase it according to the comfort level.

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Luke's recommendation is to be gentle on your system and find your niche that helps your body and mind the best.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine)

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