Weight Loss: Do You Travel Frequently? You Must Follow These 8 Tips For Maintaining Your Health

Weight loss tips: Shared by celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, these tips talk about diet and exercise tips frequent travellers can follow on-the-go. Also enclosed is a full-body workout by Kayla Itsines.

Weight Loss: Do You Travel Frequently? You Must Follow These 8 Tips For Maintaining Your Health

Weight loss tips: Keep yourself well-hydrated throughout your trips


  • Lie in Suptabaddhakonasana for 5 mins at bedtime
  • Before your flight, avoid tea or coffee
  • Every time you step out, pre-order khichdi or dal rice for dinner

If you are someone who travels frequently, then taking care of your health needs may be easier said than done. Rujuta Diwekar rightly puts it in her recent post, "It looks glamorous from outside but can take quite a toll on your health from inside." From jet lags to not finding the time to exercise, being unable to control your diet, frequent travelling can actually affect your health and weight in more ways that you thought. Rujuta shares a few tips for frequent travellers in one of recent posts on Instagram.

Tips for frequent travellers to maintain their health and weight

1. Keep yourself well-hydrated throughout your trip. A bottle of water, wherever you go, is a must-have at all times.


Drink sufficient water and keep yourself well-hydrated on-the-go
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2. Before your flight, avoid tea or coffee. The same should be done for a minimum of an hour before boarding and post landing. This however, is not applicable for road trips.

3. When it comes to picking up a place for your stay, choose a hotel that has a gym or offers yoga mats. Carry your own yoga mats if you are travelling to small towns.

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4. Lie in Suptabaddhakonasana for 5 mins at bedtime. From soothing symptoms of menopause to soothing menstrual pain and sciatica pain, this yoga asana comes with a variety of health benefits.

5. Every time you step out, pre-order khichdi, dal rice/pasta or risotto for dinner. Inform them that you will be needing it for dinner and also tell them time at which they should send it to your room. Do not wait to come back and then make a call.

6. If possible, request food from saff kitchen and not restaurant. Staff kitchen food is like homecooked food.

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7. Peanuts, nuts, almonds, pastas etc should be in your pocket at all times. You can have them in between back-to-back meetings and conferences. Stay away from cookies, biscuits and pastries.

8. Try to take out time for exercise. Even 15 minutes of a full-body workout can help you maintain your health and weight if you are frequent traveller.

Here's a full-body workout routine shared by celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines on her Instagram. It is great for building your strength. All you need is a dumbbell and a chair for performing this workout. You can use water bottle or any other heavy object if dumbbell is not available. Kayla suggests setting a timer for 7 minutes per circuit. See how many laps you can do of each circuit.

Happy travelling y'all!

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