Weight Loss: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Performing Burpees

Are you trying to lose weight at home? Is exercise a part of your daily schedule? If yes, do not make these common mistakes while performing this simple cardio exercise at home.

Weight Loss: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Performing Burpees

Weight loss: Burpees are a form of cardiovascular exercise that require no equipment


  • Burpees can help improve cardiovascular health
  • This exercise can help burn calories at home
  • Burpees work on your entire body

Given the pandemic and the lockdown, most of us have not been able to hit the gym and perform the regular workout routines. This, however, does not mean that you have to abstain from exercising completely. You can also find routines that can be performed in the comforts of your home. However, in the absence of supervision, it is extremely important to perform the exercises in the right manner. If you are adopting the wrong posture while working out, you can end up doing more harm than good. This is what Australian fitness trainer Kayla Itsines has touched upon in her latest video.

Weight loss: Mistakes to avoid while performing burpees

In the clip, the expert is focuses on the famous cardio exercise - burpees, in particular. She has listed the steps to pull off the exercise in the right manner. She titled the video, “How to do better burpees,” and wrote, “It's still not going to be EASY (it's a burpee haha!!)...but these tips will make it easier to do.”

The following are the series of steps as listed by Kayla.

  1. Start at the top of your mat
  2. Put your hands down in front of your feet as you squat down
  3. Jump back into a push-up position
  4. Make sure your wrist and shoulder is in line
  5. Back nice and straight
  6. Make sure you're stable and have a strong core
  7. Jump back in with feet apart (not together!)
  8. Stand up and do your jump
  9. Find your rhythm

Sharing the steps, she wrote, “Follow this and see how it feels.”

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Weight loss: Burpees can help you burn calories without any equipment
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Kayla, further, explained the most common mistakes that people tend to make while doing burpees.

Mistakes to avoid

1.Starting with your hands too far in front of you

2.Not holding your core tight throughout each movement

3.Letting your back dip down into an unstable position

4.Jumping in too far with your feet and putting pressure on your knees

5.Arching your back too much before jumping to a standing position

Kayla has also demonstrated the exercise in the clip. Watch it here.

In another one of her recent posts, the expert shared tips on how to improve one's form. She wrote, “It is so important to take your time to learn how to do an exercise properly before rushing into them. Most exercises are designed to target certain parts of the body and if you don't learn the basics, you might not be engaging the right muscles.”

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“Taking the time to improve and perfect your form will not only avoid injury and help you to make progress quicker, but it will also set you up for more advanced exercises as you move up in your fitness journey," she added.

So, take note of these tips next time you perform burpees

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