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Weight Loss: 7 Aerobic Exercises You Can Perform At Home In Winter

Continue reading as we share ways in which you can practice aerobic exercises indoors.

Weight Loss: 7 Aerobic Exercises You Can Perform At Home In Winter

Jumping rope is a quick and effective aerobic exercise perfect for indoor workout

Exercises that are aerobic or "with oxygen" improve cardiovascular fitness. A minimum of 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity should be done five to seven days a week. Don't forget to warm up, cool down, and stretch after your aerobic workout.

Aerobic exercise does not require a lot of equipment. Instead, people can exercise their own body weight while doing cardio at home. People can select the exercises based on their level of fitness right now. They might also go to harder exercises as their fitness levels rise. 

Trying to stay active in winter in particular can seem difficult. Continue reading as we share ways in which you can practice it indoors. These exercises are effective and easy-to-perform aerobic exercises that can be performed indoors. 

Here are aerobic exercises you can perform indoors:

1. Jumping

In order to perform the air jump rope, one must figuratively "swing" a jump rope in the air. The workout is a good substitute for stationary jogging and works well as a warm-up exercise. To perform, stand with your feet together while jumping up and down and circling your arms.

2. Jogging in place

A quick and efficient exercise to raise heart rate is to jog in place. This is a good warm-up exercise for beginners. Lightly hop from one foot to the other to accomplish. Swing your arms side to side simultaneously.

3. Jumping jacks

A starting cardiovascular workout that can be done practically any place is jumping jacks. By jumping higher or quicker, one can raise the intensity of the workout. Additionally, they can lessen the tension by doing jumping jacks that are slower or shorter.

4. Mountain climbers

The mountain climber is a challenging, all-body workout. If you've never moved before, start out slowly and quicken your pace over time. Start in a plank position with your torso straight and your hands beneath your shoulders. Brace your core and flatten your back. Right knee raised near your chest. Switch quickly by lifting your left knee in and moving your right knee out.

5. Rope jumping

Leaping an air rope at the start of workouts becomes more challenging as you go to jumping a real rope at home. Jumping with both feet and jumping from one foot to the other can be alternated. Although this exercise requires equipment that is extremely cheap.

6. Trunk rotation

The trunk rotation exercises the abdominal muscles and puts the heart to the test. To perform this, stand with your elbows at your sides and a heavy object at chest height. Turn to one side, then the other, starting from the torso. Additionally, one can twist side to side while holding the arms at shoulder height.

7. Stairs

Going up and down the stairs repeatedly can be included in a workout. The heart and leg muscles can be further taxed by ascending the steps two at a time and accelerating to a running pace. You can perform this on stairs in or around your house. You can also purchase a step.

Add these aerobic exercises to your daily routine this winter to keep your overall health in check. 

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