Watch: Virat Kohli Doing Deadlifts In This Insta Video Will Leave You Inspired!

We need more of such fitspiration coming from you, Kohli!

Watch: Virat Kohli Doing Deadlifts In This Insta Video Will Leave You Inspired!

Virat Kohli shares multilple vidoes of him doing deadlifts


  • Deadlifts can help in strengthening your core
  • One can do deadlifts only after reaching a certain level of fitness
  • Deadligfts can improve posture

It seems like Virat Kohli is all about getting stronger and fitter this week. The captain of the Indian cricket team has been posting videos of him doing deadlifts on Instagram and it has given major fitness goals to his fans. The videos have been flooded with millions of views and comments. Fans have applauded everything from his motivation and fitness to even the music that is playing the background.

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Deadlifts: All you need to know about this exercise

One needs to reach a certain level of fitness before even trying deadlifts. The exercise is done by lifting weights on a bar from the ground.

Deadlifts are primarily beneficial for improving core stability. It targets all of the major muscle groups that are responsible for correct posture and core strength.

Here's a step-by-step guide to perform deadlifts at home

1. Stand with your mid-foot under the barbell

2. Bend over, grab the bar. Place your hands at shoulder-width

3. Bend your knees until your shin touch the bar

4. Lift your chest and straighten your back

5. Hold the bar for a few seconds and release with stability

When you put the weight back to the floor, move your hips back. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat. Start with 5-7 reps in three sets. You can increase the number of sets and reps as your strength, stamina and endurance improves. Make sure that your lower back is neutral. It is an effective way to reduce risk of injury.

If you find it difficult to perform this exercise at home, we would recommend you avoid doing it. For the first attempts, it is recommended that you do deadlifts under the supervision of an expert only.

Coming back to Kohli, this is not the first time that the cricketer posted a fitspiring workout video on Instagram. The posts below are a testimony to the fact that Kohli is indeed one of the fittest cricketers in India and the world.

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