Want Flat Abs? Try This Interesting Abs Workout Routine By Kayla Itsines

Abs day at the gym today? Don't worry because Kayla Itsines has a workout ready for you! Abs workout are important in case you aspired to achieve flats abs and a stronger core. Keep reading...

Want Flat Abs? Try This Interesting Abs Workout Routine By Kayla Itsines

Flat abs exercises by Kayla Itsines can be done at home as well


  • Abs exercises help in reducing back pain
  • Abs exercises can help in improving posture
  • They help in improving sports performance

Abs day at the gym today? Don't worry because Kayla Itsines has a workout ready for you! In one of her recent workout posts, Kayla Itsines shared a couple of abs exercises which you can either do at the gym or even at home. Under usual circumstances, daily workout usually comprises of both cardio and strength training exercises. As part of cardio, running, brisk walking, cycling, cross-training, skipping rope, jumping jacks etc can be done. Likewise, strength training too involves a number of fitness regimes which target different parts of the body. From legs to bicpes, chest and abs, strength training can be done for different parts of the body and each has its own individual significance.

Speaking of abs workout specifically, they are important for building your abdominal strength. A stronger midsection can positively impact daily functioning. It helps in improving your sports performance and physical health.

In the video below, Kayla Itsines demonstrates a variety of abs workout exercises. Every exercise can be done 3 sets of 12 reps each. The routine is interesting because it includes a few leg exercises as well.


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Health benefits of abs workouts

1. Essentially, abs are a part of your core. Your core muscles include muscles which support the spine, pelvic muscles and hips. Having stronger abs will help you have stronger core. It will help in building a powerful axis for your body.

2. People with back pain can benefit from doing an abs workout as abdominals act like an anchor for muscles of lower back and midsection. Weak abs make your back muscles work harder for supporting your midsection. Working your abs can help in reducing incidence of fatigue and back pain.

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3. Abs workout help in improving body posture. Strong abs help prop up your spine. Stronger midsection makes it feels more natural to stand tall with legs and arms in alignment.

4. You can experience improved functional strength by working on your abs regularly. A weak midsection can make it difficult to perform even simple actions like bending down to pick an object, tying your shoes, lifting objects, twisting and even getting up and down out of a chair.

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5. Sports performance can drastically improve with a strong midsection. This is because most sports use the midsection of your body for stabilization and action. Stronger abdominal strength is directly proportional to outperforming in competition. Abdominal endurance is the key to keeping a pristine form for marathon duration or during the latter half of a football match.

Do the abs workout routine shared by Kayla Itsines and let go off the mid-week stress like a complete pro... Happy fitness to you all!

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