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Sitaphal Myths And Facts: Here's Why You Must Have Custard Apple This Season

Sitaphal: Custard apple is currently in season. It is a delicious fruit which is good for your skin, hair, eyesight, brain and haemoglobin levels. Read here to know about common myths that have been doing rounds about this fruit and why you must not believe them.

Sitaphal Myths And Facts: Here's Why You Must Have Custard Apple This Season

Sitaphal is good for digestion and can reduce bloating and acidity


  • Sitaphal can improve eye health and brain health
  • It is good for people with diabetes and has a low GI
  • Sitaphal is rich in potassium and manganese

Sitaphal or custard apple is a nutritious fruit with an array of health benefits. It contains the likes of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and magnesium. Sitaphal is currently in season and must be a part of your diet. Highlighting the importance of including sitaphal in your diet is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. In one of her recent posts, she talks about certain myths about sitaphal that have been doing rounds for a while, and the real facts about the fruit. Keep reading to know what Rujuta has to say about this fruit which is local, seasonal and healthy.

Sitaphal: Myths and facts you must know

1. People with diabetes should avoid sitaphal

Sitaphal is a fruit with glycemic index of 54. Rujuta safe that it is not only safe for diabetics but also recommended for them as foods that are of GI 55 and below are recommended for people with diabetes.


Sitaphal has low glycemic index and is safe for people with diabetes
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2. Heart patients should avoid sitaphal

The truth is that sitaphal can in fact be beneficial for people with diabetes. It contains beneficial minerals like potassium, manganese and Vitamin C. For a healthy heart and circulatory system, this fruit should be a part of your diet.

3. Sitaphal is good for digestion

The myth here is that people how are overweight are of the belief that they should avoid this fruit. But the reality is that sitaphal is good for digesion and can reduce bloating, informs Rujuta. It can also prevent acidity and heal ulcers. Sitaphal is a good source of Vitamin B complex, especially Vitamin B6.

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4. Women with PCOD should avoid sitaphal

This is another popular myth about sitaphal. But Rujuta says that women with PCOD can have sitaphal as it is a good source of iron. It can improve fertility, reduce feeling of tiredness and cuts down irritability.

So, people of all age groups can have sitaphal, guilt-free. The fruit can improve your skin tone, hair quality, eyesight, brain health and haemoglobin levels. It contains high bioactive molecules that display anti-obesogenic, anti-diabetes and anti-cancer properties. Eat it with your hands, lick your fingers and enjoy it, says Rujuta!


Including sitaphal in your diet can improve your eyesight
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